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5 Chatbots Transforming Work Around the World

CHROs at Health Care and Tech Firms Are Best Paid, Study Shows

20 jobs you’ll love but hate the pay

5 best—and worst—master’s degrees if you want a high-paying job

11 high-paying work-from-home jobs

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5 Lessons Seattle Can Teach Other Cities About Amazon

Compensation planning: Your key to retaining top talent

We Care Less About What We’re Paid Than Why

These remote jobs pay more than $100,000 per year

These Are the 25 Highest-Paying Side Hustles

10 Types Of Professionals Who Say They Make The World A Better Place

Pay Fairness Perception Beats Higher Pay for Improving Employee Engagement

Tech recruiting advice: How startups can compete against big companies to find the best talent

What to Do When You Need to Ignore Your Pay Survey

So Your Boss Is Offering You a Bonus! Why That’s Not Always a Good Sign

The Most Meaningful Jobs That Pay Well 2017

Why Wages Aren’t Growing

Good News Liberal-Arts Majors: Your Peers Probably Won’t Outearn You Forever

Witholding Salary History Deals a Blow to Women, Gives Men a Boost

Why Banning Questions About Salary History May Not Improve Pay Equity


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Customer Nurture Insight Labor Markets Video

What’s your first step? Define labor markets To get the most accurate salary data from PayScale, labor markets must be set correctly. Your toughest competition for talent isn’t necessarily a company that also covets your customers. It’s more likely to be a regional neighbor in any industry who shares your needs for...

Customer Nurture Insight Intro Video

For these startups, Silicon Valley’s diversity problem brings big business

How Much Pay Are You Really Worth?

10 college majors with the best salaries

Using Tax Dollars for Degrees We Don’t Need

This Is What Would Happen If Fast-Food Workers Got Raises

Following the Money: Calculating the Net Worth of a College Degree

Millenial Revolving Door

Negotiating Your Salary In A Difficult Economy

The 10 Least Meaningful Jobs: Payscale

Most and Least Meaningful Jobs

16 Low Paying Jobs That Make The World A Better Place

14 Jobs That Pay A Lot But Don’t Help The World

The 25 Most Meaningful Jobs That Pay Well

A Job that Matters

Beyond the College Rankings

Students Alone: Under Utilized, Underpaid, Under Water

Does Your Job Make the World a Better Place?

Does A Diploma From An Ivy League School Still Matter?

10 Things Grad Schools Won’t Tell You

4 Things That Keep Employees Loyal (Hint: It’s Not Money or Perks)

10 Jobs With the Worst Coworkers

10 Jobs Where Workers Can’t Stand Their Coworkers

Picking a college major in the fall? Don’t choose business.

7 Hot Jobs for $70k+

The Jobs With the Worst — and Best — Co-Workers

These 11 Colleges Just Hit The Jackpot In Obama’s New Education Plan

Want More Women In Your Software Company? It Starts With One

10 College Majors You’ll Regret

Colleges with the highest-paid grads

The 15 Highest-Paying College Majors

From Harvard to Harvey Mudd: Which College Grads Earn the Most?

Harvey Mudd Graduates Earn Highest Salaries

Colleges Where Graduates Earn The Highest Salaries: PayScale Ranking 2013-14

PayScale: Harvey Mudd alumni rake in highest salaries

13 Jobs Where Workers Believe They’re Changing The World

Top 10 Schools With Highest Paid Graduates

Top 5 Colleges With the Highest Earning Graduates

UMass Lowell climbs 12 spots in magazine’s national ranking

Nice College, but What’ll I Make When I Graduate?

Liberal Arts Majors That Pay You Back: PayScale Data

The Sum of All Salaries

Report Reveals Which Schools Produce Highly-Paid Graduates

Should Colleges Be Judged by Graduates’ Pay?

The best college for every major

Should you tip your flight attendant?

New grads, here’s how to negotiate your salary

14 Tips For Getting A Raise When They’re Not Handing Them Out

Corporate Profits Are Soaring, But You’re Not Feeling It

Here Are The Jobs Where Pay Is Growing The Most Right Now

7 Steps to Smart Salary Negotiation

Why Alumni Salaries Matter and Why Some Colleges Wish They Didn’t

The World’s Top-Earning Male Models Of 2013

Startup School: An MBA Designed For Entrepreneurs, Not I-Bankers

These Are The 11 Cities Where Pay Is Growing The Most Right Now

A Study to Measure Value of Community Colleges Falls Short

3 employee compensation myths—and new thinking to replace them

20 Colleges With the Best Return on Investment

Cities with the biggest pay hikes

The New College Calculus

Pay packets boosted by cloud technology

PayScale – Evolving Over The Years To Offer More Than Just Salary Reports

HR Meets The Cloud: Data And Talent Management Collide

The five-year itch

Future of Talent Management – The Economy, Workers, etc. Have Changed Things

Big (but under-reported) tech stories of 2013

Jobs that get the biggest tips

We Should Start Tipping America’s Super-Broke Fast Food Workers

Find Scholarships for College Degrees That Employers Want

Human Capital Management Companies Developing Standards for the Exchange of HR-XML Data Relating to Salary Surveys

Argo Tea’s #GratuiTEA Program Could Change The Way We Tip

Users Cite Retention, Efficiency Benefits of Compensation Analytics

Your Winning Numbers

How to Strategize for a Better Salary in Your 20s, 30s, and 40s

Richard Sherman Just Taught Us All a Valuable Career Lesson

How Can I Make the Transition Easier After a Promotion?

Are You Getting Paid Enough?

Here Are The States That Support Nearly Doubling The Minimum Wage

PayScale data highlights debate over U.S. minimum wage

How To Answer the Question: ‘What Are Your Salary Expectations?

Better Compensation Key to Retaining Top IT Talent

Making Sense Out of Cents: Determining Employee Compensation

America’s 20 Fastest-Growing Cities

11 Colleges Even Its Alumni Wouldn’t Recommend

Companies Are Paying Up to Retain Top Employees

Companies are working harder to keep good employees

The Most Highly Recommended Job In America Pays Less Than $35,000

15 Colleges That Could Benefit From President Obama’s New Plan

6 Things You Need to Know Today

50-plus years on the job: An extremely rare bird

The Pitfalls of Comparing Colleges Based on Postgraduate Earnings

4 ways to become a worker companies will fight over

The Top 17 Most Recommended Colleges

What College Will Leave You Poorest?

These U.S. Colleges and Majors Are the Biggest Waste of Money

4 surprises about the costs and benefits of college

Did You Choose The Right School? The Top 5 Colleges for Each Major

What’s the least valuable college degree in the U.S.?

Our Crazy College CrossRoads

Millennial Misconceptions: How You’re Totally Wrong About This Generation

Money Isn’t Everything: When It’s Worth Taking On $50,000 Or More In Student Debt

Is college worth it?

How to Discuss Pay With Your Employees

How to Talk to Your Employees About Compensation

The Best-Paying Companies In America

How To Negotiate Your Salary

PayScale lands $100M from Warburg Pincus

Warburg Pincus to Invest in PayScale, a Compensation Data Firm

Deals of the day: Warburg Pincus buys PayScale

Warburg Pincus to Invest Up to $100 Million in PayScale Database

How to Attract and Retain Tech Talent by Using Compensation Benchmarking

Skipping College Can Cost You $800,000

Follow the money: The hottest skills and certs in tech

Should I Move To A New City To Look For A Job?

Find a Common Thread to Tie Unrelated Jobs to Your Career Plans

This Interactive Chart Will Help You Find The Perfect Job

What Jobs Do People Find Most Meaningful?

The 3 Things You Must Know about How Your Employer Sets Salaries

3 Toxic Habits That Hurt Your Career

The Top Paying STEM Jobs For Recent Grads

10 Cities Where Wages Are Increasing

The 15 Best-Paying Jobs For Young Professionals

While employment is rising, local wage growth remains sluggish

Energy helps Houston lead nation in wage growth

Twin Cities Has Second-Fastest-Growing Wages In U.S.

10 Top Jobs by Salary for Social Media Pros

The Hidden Downsides to Salary Transparency

Five Best Places to Live if you Work in Oil and Gas

Benefits and Compensation Orientation Guide

Where to Go to College if You Want the Highest Starting Salary

Top Colleges for Producing Graduates Who Make the World a Better Place

Which Colleges Have the Highest Paid Graduates?

Colleges With the Highest Paid Grads

Which Colleges Produce Grads Who Find Meaning in Their Work?

Chart: Which Colleges Have Graduates Who Say They Have Meaningful Work?

The 25 Colleges Whose Graduates Earn the Most

21 Schools Where a Liberal Arts Degree Can Pay Off Big

The Colleges Whose Graduates Earn The Most

Ivy League Schools Don’t Guarantee A Great Job Right Out Of College

Ranking Colleges by Employment, Stanford is #2 and Harvard is #9

To Make the Highest Salary Out of College, Don’t Go to an Ivy League School

The Financial Benefits of Knowing What You Want to Do Before College

Which States Are Making the Grade? – Congress Could Pass More Education Bills This Year

New Payscale Salary Ranking Includes 2-Year Colleges

Is pay transparency killing off the last workplace taboo?

Why Ruby Is the Crown Jewel in a Developer’s Resume

The pitfalls of making pay transparent

The Most and Least Valuable M.B.A.s

How to Build a Culture of Learning (and Why You Need to)

There’s Still a Pay Disparity Between Men and Women. But Millennials Are Closing the Gap

Millennials Still Aren’t There Yet

Why Job Hopping is Losing Its Negative Stigma

Millennials Closing Pay Gap, But Not Cutting Apron Strings

A Salary Guide For Your 20s, 30s, And 40s

The U.S. Cities Where People Earn The Largest And Smallest Paychecks

Cool Spaces: PayScale’s Stadium-view Office is a Sports Haven

The 20 College Majors That Lead to the Most Satisfying Careers

Asking For a Raise Actually Works Most of the Time

The 10 Commandments of Salary Negotiation

Don’t Ask for a Raise Before You Do This

The Single Best Thing Women Can Do to Bust through the Glass Ceiling

Do You Know How Much You’re Worth?

99 Sites That Every Professional Should Know About

More Than Half Of Workers Make This $1 Million Mistake

Best Jobs in America: Top 100 With Best Pay, Growth and Satisfaction

8 Important Money Questions That Many People Can’t Answer

How Much Do Waiters Really Earn in Tips?

PayScale Study Suggests Employer Concern Over Skills Gap

HR and ‘Radical Transparency’

Why You’re Probably Going to Get a Raise This Year

Why It’s So Hard to Figure Out What to Pay Top Talent

How Much Salary Transparency Is Right for Your Business?

3 Reasons Why Your Salaries Aren’t Attracting Talent

Which Colleges Have the Best Return on Investment?

The 10 Best Colleges for the Money

Revenge of the Nerds: Which Degrees Pay Off?

College You’ve Never Heard of Gives Biggest Payoff on Tuition

Private Colleges with the Biggest Payoff

Tech Training Could Help Close U.S. Skills Gap

Evaluate Pay Issues as Talent Market Heats Up

March Madness: Why Harvard Will Win the NCAA Tournament

If you work in these jobs, they will pay you more in 2015

Placing A Dollar Value On Long-Term Cognitive Health: The Case Of Chris Borland

Your ER Doctor Might Get Paid Like a Wal-Mart Employee

Seattle wages rise even as IT, biotech pay slows

As the job market opens up, a new report shows that now is the time for organizations to invest in their employees.

How to Get the Raise You Deserve

Wages for oil and gas workers are growing the slowest of any industry

Private Colleges with the Biggest Payoff

Wage Growth Still Lags Economic Recovery, Data Shows

Here’s What the Average Grad Makes Right Out of College

Hackers Wanted — The Good Kind

The 50 Best Companies to Work For In America

Best and Worst Grad Degrees For Jobs In 2015

8 Reasons Why Working At Facebook Is Better Than Working At Google

Salaries for STEM jobs in decline

Always Negotiate Pay — Even on Your First Job Out of College

The 30 Most Meaningful Companies to Work For In America

IT job market went flat over the last three months

How To Get Paid More At Your First Job

This Student Who Got Into All 8 Ivies Didn’t Go for the Most Depressing Reason

Soaring Housing Costs Forces Talent to Flee Silicon Valley

Four successful big data / analytics startups in Seattle

The Hot Sweaty Truth About Hiring Newly Minted Grads

6 Fear-Based Moves That Lower Your Net Worth

4 Secrets to Negotiating a Salary That Will Make Your Bank Account Smile

4 Strategies to Negotiate a Better Salary

Why Summer Is a Great Time to Ask for That Raise

A College Graduate’s Guide to Managing Money in the Real World

Financial Executives from PayScale, Alaska Air, Symetra Financial Among 2015 CFO of the Year Winners Celebrated

3 Ways to Make Your Work (and Life) Incredibly Meaningful

More Work, Less Pay, and Three Other Reasons to Turn Down a Promotion

Workers in key industries getting most pay raises

Higher Ed As A Commodity? Colleges Only Have Themselves to Blame

The Best Colleges For Your Money May Not Be What You Think They Are

Going to a Public College Could Mean Higher Financial Return

Top 10 cities for IT pros looking to make a move

These Are the Top Jobs for College Graduates in 2015

High Paying Tech Jobs That Don’t Require STEM Degrees

Do Public Colleges Offer the Best Return on Investment?

PayScale Index Shows Wages Remained Stagnant in Q2 With No Relief in Sight

Want Engaged Employees? It’s Easy—Pay Them

Money’s Best Colleges 2015

Where Everyone Knows Your Salary

Here’s the Biggest Financial Barriers For Millennials

You’ll Probably Never Make More Money Than You Do In Your 40s

Hoping For a Raise This Year? How About a Bonus Instead?

The Best And Worst Master’s Degrees For Jobs In 2015

Hoping for a raise this year? How about a bonus instead?

5 reasons merit-based pay hurts average workers

Wages Remain Stagnant with No Relief in Sight

Quinn: Tech tackles the last taboo — talking about salary

Tech Moves: Zillow promotes Kathleen Phillips to CFO, Amy Bohutinsky to COO; Shauna Causey joins Galvanize; and more

US Companies Now Have to Disclose How Much More Their CEOs Make Than Regular Employees

The Most Meaningful Jobs That Pay Well

This CEO Has The Highest Pay Compared To His Workers

Tech Spotlight: PayScale tracks how much everyone is getting paid

Can you stop salary envy?

PayScale CEO Q&A: Mike Metzger

No Salary Negotiations Allowed

Nightly Business Report – September 7, 2015

6 of the top 10 best-paying Bay Area jobs are in tech

Obama Pushes A New System For Scoring Colleges

White House relaunches database for college search

Is 27 The Tech World’s New Middle Age?

The Government Just Made It Much Easier to Tell Which Colleges Are a Waste of Money

Finding The Right College Is Hard. This New Database Helps Students Choose Wisely.

Most People Have No Idea Whether They’re Paid Fairly

Employees are willing to take smaller paychecks if employers are open about compensation

Think You’re Paid Enough? A New Study Says You’re Probably Wrong

How pay transparency can keep people from quitting

Your Boss Can Talk You Into Loving Your Salary

Does the Year-End Bonus Still Motivate Your Team?

20 Seattle Startups You Need to Pay Attention to

How You Pay Your Employees Is a Big Problem

What if we all just talked about our salary?

The New Math of College Rankings

Is Your Company Underpaying You?

How the Gender Pay Gap Widens as Women Get Promoted

See Which States Have the Biggest Wage Gap

The Biggest Pay Gap of Them All: the Gulf Between Moms and Dads

The Surprising Downside of a Great Education

Women Who Advance Like Men Don’t Get Paid Like Them

Fact Check: The Fourth Republican Debate

What your salary says about you

More pay transparency can boost employer-employee relationships

Should Men and Women Manage Money Differently?

New Research Proves The Hidden Inequality Within The Gender Wage Gap

Millennials Reveal Their Top Brands, Apps and Websites of 2015

Here’s The Devastating Way Our College System Fails Poor Kids

10 timely tips to pay for college in 2016

Why a Stronger Economy Doesn’t Mean You’ll Get a Raise

Why a Stronger Economy Doesn’t Mean You’ll Get a Raise

How to negotiate salary and make more money in 2016

The Looming Disruptor That Threatens To Shake Up The Workplace In 2016

4 things that are holding you back from getting a raise

The CEO of your company has probably already earned your 2016 salary this year

The U.S. Cities Where People Earn The Largest And Smallest Paychecks

Young professionals are afraid they won’t be able to get ahead — and they might be right

Negotiating salary? These tips will get you a bump

The Better Way To Communicate With Job Candidates

Why Your Salary Hasn’t Gone Up And What To Do About It

Why Your Salary Hasn’t Gone Up And What To Do About It

You’ve Got Millennial Employees All Wrong; Here Are The Four Things You Need To Know Now

10 top jobs by salary for social media pros in 2016

Obama Aims To Close The Wage Gap With A New Proposal For Salary Transparency

Do Elite Colleges Lead to Higher Salaries? Only for Some Professions

The Most Important Aspects of a Fair Merit Increase

20 Hot IT skills that will get you a raise

10 best U.S. regions for social media jobs

The Counterintuitive Science Of Why Transparent Pay Works

Study: Top companies give more bonuses and performance-based raises

Think Your Employees Are Paid Fairly? Most of Them Disagree

What the Best Companies Get Right About Salaries

Do Bonuses Hurt Productivity?

Employers get creative with compensation

When Unequal Pay Is Actually Fair

It pays to work in STEM: Seattle had the highest annual wage growth in the country

Is Company Performance Connected To Employee Compensation And Transparency?

Top performing company pay practices: 2016 PayScale report

Employers and employees differ widely on pay, transparency

Why Small Business Must Compete on Compensation in 2015

With Risk Comes Reward

New PayScale feature tackles gender wage gap

Seattle’s PayScale increases scale, buys Denver’s MarketPay

PayScale makes first acquisition in history, buys compensation expert MarketPay

PayScale acquires Denver salary data company

MarketPay acquired by Seattle firm; new owner plans to hire more in Denver

Could Knowing How Much Your Coworker Earns Help Close the Gender Pay Gap?

When Candidates Cite Online Data in Pay Negotiations

All About MONEY’s Best Career Skills 2016

Employers: New college grads aren’t ready for workplace

These 3 ‘hot’ tech skills can boost your pay by 22 percent

Hiring managers say many grads not job ready

Do Your Job Skills Make You Seem Young — Or Old?

Investors Aren’t Sweating Over Overtime Pay

Does a $70,000 Minimum Wage Work?

The Pay Business Is The People Business

Some Simple Steps “Traditional” Employers Can Take To Modernize Their Pay Practices

10 Cities Where Your Income Is Worth More

Performance Feedback Getting More Frequent

Why There is No Science in Your Salary

Top 10 Cities for Tech Workers

Bonuses for Everyone

Should You Start Sharing Employee Salaries?

How President Trump Is Likely To Impact HR

10 tech skills that will boost your salary

How Much Pay Transparency Is Right For You?

Where is your organization on the pay transparency spectrum?

The Sneaky Way the New Overtime Rule Has Already Helped Workers

Slicing And Dicing The Gender Wage Gap In 2016

The 10 Industries With The Biggest Gender Pay Gaps

The Only 4 Places in the U.S. Where Women Make More Money Than Men

Taking a stance on gender inequity can help companies retain employees, study finds

Men still earn more than women with the same jobs

Compensation Tactics to Retain Mission-Critical Talent

Gender Pay Gap Shrinks as Attitudes Change: Study

Gender Pay Gap Is Shrinking Slightly

Gender Pay Gap Pegged to Lack of Promotions

Why Donald Trump Could Spell Doom for CEO Pay Transparency

5 Ways Compensation Will Change In 2017

Obama’s Overtime Law Failed, But Still Helped Thousands

Women in Corporate America: Still a Struggle at the Top

Tech Moves: PayScale promotes VPs; ex-Trulia CEO emerges at startup accelerator; and more

U.S. Workers’ Wages Expected to Keep Growing

Committing to Gender Pay Equity

The Metro Areas With The Largest And Smallest Paychecks

You Didn’t Get the Salary You Asked For. Now What?

How to get a raise in 2017

Higher Wage Growth Expected for 2017

Salary Negotiations Are Good For Both of You

Why ‘experience’ can hurt tech workers in Silicon Valley

The name of the game for recruiting in 2017: Transparency

Should you ever negotiate salary over email?

How pay transparency and equity help employers retain workers

How To Choose The Right Company To Further Your Career

Consider Compensation a Strategy, Not a Cost

7 hot marketing certifications and how they pay off

Training Managers to Talk about Pay is a Blind Spot

President Trump rolls back workplace protections for women

See Where Your State Falls in the Fight for Equal Pay

U.S. nominal wage growth climbs for 7th-straight quarter; San Francisco area sees biggest spike

Five schools whose grads earn the big bucks

‘What’s your salary?’ becomes a no-no in job interviews

Here’s how you can proactively address gender pay inequity

5 Things You Must Do Before You Accept a Job Offer

Your work begins before your first day at a new job. When you get a job offer, it’s up to you to do your homework about the job title, responsibilities, employer and total compensation if you want the best package available. A single data point isn’t going to tell you the answer—you...

11 Leadership Tips to Transition From Employee to Boss

Q: What's your best leadership advice for going from employee to boss — of yourself, and maybe others too? The following answers are provided by The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) is an invite-only nonprofit organization comprised of the world's most promising young entrepreneurs. The YEC recently published #FixYoungAmerica: How to Rebuild Our...

5 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Co-Workers Are Dating

That “will they or won’t they” tension can be palpable in the workplace. Although Jim Halpert and Pam Beesley of the hit series, The Office have done their best to bring the co-worker-with-benefits scenario to the mainstream, many companies (and fellow workers) still frown upon interoffice romances. That doesn’t mean co-workers aren’t...

Promise Yourself a Great 2012, Ladies

A new year rings the bells of change for many professional women. It’s a time to re-evaluate where we are and maybe, reinvent ourselves to take us where we’d like to go in the coming months. Change can be difficult, but sometimes a simple tweak can lead to success – both personal...

2012 Career Resolutions: Happier, Healthier, Wealthier

Are you are seeking a job, considering changing a work habit or want to learn a new skill in 2012? While many New Year’s resolutions involve losing weight or getting more sleep, the New Year is also a good time to reflect on your career path and establish clear goals and resolutions...

Get To Work! How Much Does Your Time-Wasting Cost Your Company?

It’s a rare employee who isn’t guilty of a little slacking off every now and then. A Facebook status update here, a little discussion of last night’s 30 Rock there. And then there’s the time spent shopping online for a gift for your mother’s birthday, and the time spent on the phone...

Best Paid Skilled Labor Jobs

Skilled labor jobs can pay well, even very well. Yet, many young people feel the pressure to get a college degree and don’t consider hands-on labor. Fortunately, a growing movement hopes to get younger workers enthused about building, fixing, and installing. Mike Rowe of the popular TV series “Dirty Jobs” says, “Tradesmen...

Flying High: Jobs in the Aviation Industry

Are looking for a job in the aviation industry? Here’s a little-known fact for you. On August 19th America celebrated National Aviation Day. Did you? You won't find greeting cards dedicated to this event but it’s been observed on Orville Wright’s birthday since 1939, when President Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed it. A lot...

Medical Assistant Salaries and Career Options

Name: Michelle FrancisJob Title: Medical AssistantWhere: Walnut Creek, CAYears of Experience: 5Current Employer: Cardiovascular Consultants Medical GroupOther Relevant Work Experience: CPR certified, BLS certified, Arrhythmia/EKG certificateEducation: Concorde Career Institute, Medical Assisting, 4.0 GPA, perfect attendanceSalary: Use the PayScale Research Center to find median medical assistant salary data. Medical Assistant Salaries and Career...

How to Turn a Stranger into a Network Contact

Whether you're looking for a job or trying to advance your career, networking is very important (in a recent HotJobs poll, 57 percent of respondents said that networking was a factor in landing their most recent job). And networking shouldn't end when you log off of LinkedIn or head home from a...

Embarrassing Moments at Work: How to Recover

By Robert DiGiacomo Years later, I still remember that sinking feeling, just after I'd hit the Send button after writing an email complaining about an editor. My worst virtual fear was quickly confirmed: Yes, I had sent my bit of snark to the editor instead of my friend–and no, the editor wasn't...

What Your Workspace Says About You

If you spend a lot of time at a desk, personalizing the space makes sense–whether it's a private corner office or a shared cubicle. But just as your clothes and body language make an impression on others, your workspace gives coworkers and clients a distinct impression about you. Plants, books, artwork–even your...

Unemployment During the Great Depression: Are We Getting Close?

Each week delivers more grim news about some part of the economy, including job cuts and climbing unemployment. All the gloom-and-doom has some recalling unemployment during the Great Depression. At this point the U.S. unemployment rate is 6.7 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics; peak unemployment during the Great Depression...

NFL Player Salaries: What They Are, and Why

NFL player salaries are excessive, aren’t they? It depends whom you ask. National Football League team owners seem to think NFL player salaries are bloated: in May they voted unanimously to terminate their labor contract with the players union early, in a move to cut salary costs. Even some NFL players themselves...

U.S. Unemployment Rates Under President Bush Continue to Climb

U.S. unemployment rates under President Bush have reached a 14-year high. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment climbed to 6.5 percent in October, as the country shed 240,000 jobs. U.S. unemployment rates under President Bush have certainly increased–for example, the unemployment rate for October 2007 was 4.7 percent. So far...

Joe the Plumber and the Middle-Class Squeeze

Joe Wurzelbacher is getting his 15 minutes of fame–raising questions about what it means to be middle class. Better known as Joe the Plumber, he stepped into the limelight earlier this month when he asked Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic contender for the White House, about his tax plan. According to a...

Does Your Salary History Really Matter to a Future Employer?

Your salary history tells an important story of how far you've come along a career path, so it's fitting that a prospective employer might be interested in learning more about your past earnings. Yet it's unfair to take a salary history at face value, because there are so often back-stories that need...

How to Handle Salary Requirements When Applying for a Job

Job interviewing is like art: it requires skill, dexterity, and the right tools and environment. Make one wrong move and the result can be disastrous. This is especially true when it comes to discussing salary requirements. As a job-seeker, approaching a conversation with a prospective employer about salary requirements can be tricky....

Salary Negotiation in Tough Times: What Not to Do

The U.S. fiscal climate is going from bad to worse, with Wall Street firms crumbling and unemployment edging ever higher. All this makes for an uneven landscape for salary negotiations, which aren’t easy even during a robust economy. To succeed with salary negotiations in tough times, experts say workers should definitely avoid...

What Is the Minimum Wage in the United States, and Is It Fair?

If you’ve recently asked the question, what is the minimum wage in the United States?" you might be surprised to learn it went up again — from $5.85/hour to $6.55/hour — on July 24. (Editor’s note: as of 2015, minimum wage is $7.25 an hour.) After all, the federal minimum wage was...

Fastest Growing Careers: IT Careers and Health Care Jobs

The information technology and health care industries are clamoring for more skilled workers. How can you become one of them? Everyone dreams of a career with a handsome salary, one promising boundless growth and loads of opportunities. But these careers belong to a privileged few, and they demand years of nonstop study...

Current Unemployment Rate Hits Four-Year High

The current unemployment rate edged up to 5.7 percent in July, hitting a four-year high, while nonfarm payrolls were down 51,000 jobs. This marks the seventh straight month companies have shed workers, but the national unemployment rate wasn’t as severe as expected: economists had been anticipating 75,000 layoffs. Analysts on TV news...

List of Best College Degrees by Salary: What Is Your Major Worth?

A Special Report: A college degree can cost serious cash — sometimes without the promise of a big salary payoff. Find out what the best college degrees are for high starting salaries.For what it costs, a B.A. degree might as well be made of gold. For the 2007-2008 school year, the...

Gender Pay Gap: 10 High Paying Jobs for Women

Have you ever wondered why there’s a gender pay gap  between men  and women? “Why do women make less money than men?” is a surprisingly common career question. Even more surprising: according to bestselling author and gender issues expert, Dr. Warren Farrell, in some fields women are now bringing home bigger paychecks...

Top 10 List of High Paying Careers and Best Average Starting Salaries

With the cost of living soaring, it makes sense that jobs offering the best starting salaries are increasingly sought-after — by everyone from recent college graduates to career-changers. This article touts a handy list of high paying careers that might surprise you. By Cherie Berkley You may be striking out on a...

How Not to Use Online Social Networks: 6 Tips

Online social networks are here to stay. One of every four people on the Web visits online social networks, and about half of social networkers are on the sites every day. As with any new technology, there is plenty to learn and do when it comes to online social networks, as I...

Top Ten Companies to Work for During Tough Times

New rankings applaud small and medium-sized companies with the right stuff. Gas prices are rising, food is getting more expensive and the number of foreclosures continues to increase. So it may be surprising that while some larger companies are shedding employees, there are still small and medium-sized companies considered among the top...

Current Unemployment Rate Steady at 5.5 Percent in June

Today’s release of current unemployment rates may be more unwelcome news reminding us of a rickety economy, but the skies could grow darker still. Goldman Sachs forecasts that the U.S. unemployment rate will peak at 6.4 percent late in 2009 before improving, meaning the painful process of shedding jobs may be only...

7 Tips For Boosting Your Career Through Online Social Networks

Online social networks are an excellent way for mid-career professionals to boost their careers, experts say–but workers should heed several tips before getting started. Stephen Weinstein knows about the power of online social networks. He landed his current job, manager of marketing communications at Cooper Power Systems in Waukesha, Wis., through,...

Congress Sends Bush Unemployment Compensation & Unemployment Benefits Extension

The U.S. Senate has approved a measure that would give an extra 13 weeks of unemployment benefit extension to the approximately 1.55 million unemployed workers who exhaust their regular 26 weeks of unemployment benefits. To qualify for the extended unemployment compensation, jobless workers need to have worked 20 weeks or its equivalent...

Major League Baseball Salaries Growing Unchecked

By Jeff Ritter, guest blogger on sports salaries for The Salary Reporter Major League Baseball has always enjoyed its own unique narrative. From the singular greatness of stars like Babe Ruth, Willie Mays and Ken Griffey Jr., to the troubling scandals of the Chicago Black Sox, Pete Rose and performance-enhancing drugs, the...

Sleeping on the Job? It Might Improve Your Work.

Napping at work might make you a better employee. That’s because our bodies, according to a graphic touted by Lifehacker, need afternoon shut-eye to perform at their best–which points to a nap in the middle of the workday. But how can you grab some winks without looking like a slacker? Research...

5 Things You Should Know About Unemployment Benefits

An unemployment benefits bill being debated in Congress would offer displaced workers around $1,160 a month, enough to buy about 287 gallons of gas at the current price. The bill, which would extend benefits to workers running out of state-funded aid, was approved by the House of Representatives yesterday, with 49 Republicans...

A History of U.S. Unemployment Rates

The U.S. unemployment rate increased to 5.5 percent in May, up from 5 percent the previous month, and the economy lost 49,000 jobs. Looking at the history of U.S. unemployment rates, this was the biggest monthly increase in 22 years and it triggered concerns the economy was at greater risk of edging...

NFL Players vs. Owners: Are NFL Player Salaries Really Outrageous?

A few years ago, the NFL instituted a salary cap that gives each team the same budget for NFL player salaries. But yesterday, National Football League team owners voted unanimously to terminate their labor contract with the players union early, in a move to cut salary costs. [Reuters] Apparently, team owners feel...

IT Careers: Too ‘Geeky’ for Women

Some important people think IT careers need a makeover. Microsoft is touting them to young women, as is the European Union, which earlier this year announced plans to make IT careers more appealing to women. According to The second annual DigiGirlz event, held on March 26 in Islandia, N.Y., was attended...

Looking for a Crystal Ball on the Jobs Front, and Turning Up Short

If the job market seemed soft a month ago, these days it appears softer still. Late last week the Labor Department reported the unemployment rate rose from 4.8 to 5.1 percent in March, and nonfarm payroll employment was down 80,000 jobs. According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics release: In March, employment...

High-School Dropouts: A Workforce “Tragedy”

High-school graduation rates in the largest U.S. cities are abysmal. A report released this week by America’s Promise Alliance says in the 50 largest cities, about half of all students in the main school systems graduate from high school. These rates, the report says, are "considerably lower" than graduation rates in suburban...

Making Sense of a Softening Job Market

For the U.S. economy, the hits keep coming. In February, employers cut jobs by the largest amount in five years. According to the Associated Press: For the second straight month, nervous employers got rid of jobs nationwide. In February, they sliced payrolls by 63,000, even deeper than the 22,000 cut in January,...

The Romantic Side of Networking

Networking is one of the most important things you'll ever do for your career. Even when you love what you do, you should continue to widen your professional pool of contacts, including friends, colleagues, bosses, family. A new book by Shawn Graham, "Courting Your Career," makes a strong case for networking. The...

The Best Places to Work

There’s no such thing as a perfect job. Or is there? Fortune’s annual look at the 100 Best Companies to Work For begs the question, offering a raft of reasons why these workplaces are top-notch. A well-known California-based technology company makes it a rule that employees never be more than 100 feet...

Learning to Lead

What makes a leader successful, even outstanding? Experts offer myriad answers to that question, touting lists of essential leadership traits or keys to effective management. Amid that great sea of counsel, most leaders in the American workplace must be highly skilled, constantly improving and commanding praise from subordinates–right? I don’t think so....

Your BlackBerry May Be Lowering Your IQ

Our 365-24-7 work culture, invigorating at times, may be sapping our creativity and dragging down our IQs. A blog-post by Sylvia Ann Hewlett, founding president of the Center for Work-Life Policy, highlights research showing the downside of constant communication. Excessive e-mail wastes workers’ time, and communication overload may deflate a person’s IQ...

Medical Careers: Family Physician Salaries

Name: Margie C. Sweeney, M.D.Job Title: Family Physician Where: Louisville, KYEmployer: Central State Hospital Years of Experience: 24Education: M.D. degree from Indiana University School of MedicineSalary: See the PayScale Research Center for medical career salaries, including average physician salaries. Medical Careers: Family Physician Salaries What career involves helping people of all different...

News Anchor Salaries

Name: Sheree PaolelloJob Title: News Anchor Where: Cincinnati, OhioEmployer: WLWT-TV Channel 5 Years of Experience: 11Education: Northern Kentucky University, B.A. in Radio/TV/Film, Minor in JournalismSalary: See the PayScale Research Center for median news anchor salaries by city. News Anchor Salaries If you're interested in news anchor salaries and how to become a...

New Job in a New City? Before You Go, Mind the Cost of Living.

Trekking to a new town in pursuit of a new gig is an adventure fraught with excitement, opportunities and changes. Among the changes is likely to be a cost of living adjustment, for better or worse, depending on where you’re headed. Before making the move, experts suggest doing some cost of living...

Starting Salary for Physical Therapy Assistants

Name: Steve BrownJob Title: Physical Therapy Assistant Where: Caldwell, IDEmployer: Peoplefirst Rehabilitation Years of Experience: 10Education: A.A.S. (Associate of Applied Science) From Idaho State University Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for the median salary of physical therapy assistant professionals. Starting Salary for Physical Therapy Assistants What is the yearly salary for...

Technology Coordinator Salary

Name: Marcie T. HullJob Title: Technology Coordinator Where: Philadelphia, PAEmployer: Science Leadership Academy (School District of Philadelphia) Years of Experience: 7Education: Temple University’s Tyler School of Art, Elkins Park, PA, Rosemont College, Rosemont, PA Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for the median technology coordinator salary. Technology Coordinator Salary For readers who...

Financial Controller: Accounting Salaries

Name: Misty CargillJob Title: Financial ControllerWhere: Woodland, CAEmployer: Resonant Sonic International, Inc. Years of Experience: 10Education: BS Accounting – University of Phoenix Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for median financial controller and other accounting salaries. Financial Controller: Accounting Salaries You’ve probably heard of financial controllers, but may not be able to...

Business Travelers, Take Heart–We’re Inching Toward a Work-Anywhere World

Have you ever tried to get work done at an airport that’s less than friendly to business travelers? Take heart, for gradual change is in the works, says a New York Times article: Airports and especially hotels are becoming more user-friendly for globe-trotting workers. According to the article: … hotels and airports...

Telecommuting Advances

Working from home is on the up and up. According to the new book by pollster Mark Penn, "Microtrends: The Small Forces Behind Tomorrow’s Big Changes," 4.2 million Americans work from home, up 23 percent since 1990, and almost 100 percent since 1980. Penn argues that microtrends–"small, under-the-radar forces that can involve...

Bartender Salary: A Bartender Career Profile

Name: Craig HysellJob Title: BartenderWhere: Hilton Head Island, SCEmployer: Riders Lounge Years of Experience: 12Education: BA in Communications from Bowling Green State UniversitySalary: See the PayScale Research Center for the median bartender salary. Bartender Salary: A Bartender Career Profile Recently Britney Spears made the news, again, by inquiring about bartender jobs at...

Comic Book Artist Salary: How to Be a Comic Book Artist

Name: Dustin EvansJob Title: Comic Book Artist (Freelance Illustrator)Where: Tulsa, OKEmployer: Disney, IDW Publishing, Viper Comics, Ape Entertainment, SLG GraphicsYears of Experience: 4Education: BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration from Oklahoma State University Comic Book Artist Salary: How to Be a Comic Book Artist Are you interested in becoming a comic book...

Nuclear Engineer Salary

Name: Michael FlaggJob Title: Nuclear Engineer (Reactor Service)Where: Columbia, MissouriEmployer: University of Missouri – ColumbiaYears of Experience: 1.5Education:B.S. Nuclear Engineering from the University of Missouri – Rolla Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for the median nuclear engineer salary, and compare it to petroleum engineering salaries. Nuclear Engineer Salary How much money...

Women Leaders: Grit Required

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal says female executives identify with the scrutiny Hillary Clinton is experiencing as she campaigns to be president. The story touches on Catalyst’s recent report on women in the workplace, which I blogged about last week. While the story delves into familiar struggles women encounter at...

Dental Assistant Salaries and Career Options

Name: Melissa McKaigJob Title: Dental AssistantWhere: Glendale, AZEmployer: Westside Endodontic ProfessionalsYears of Experience: 4Education: Associate Degree, The Bryman School in Phoenix Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for median dental assistant salaries. Dental Assistant Salaries and Career Options For those interested in dental assistant salaries and career options, this Salary Story provides...

Companies Crack Down on Workers Playing Hooky

Worker absenteeism costs companies an estimated $74 billion a year, according to a story in the Nov. 12 issue of BusinessWeek. So it’s no wonder some businesses are clamping down on employees taking time off, especially for less-than-legitimate reasons. According to the article: Some companies are instituting tough policies to combat hooky....

Why Aren’t More Women Leaders in the Workplace?

When we talk about a leader in the workplace, the image that comes to most people’s minds is a man–not a woman. That’s according to a recent New York Times article by Lisa Belkin, which highlights a variety of research on women and leadership, including a recent report by Catalyst, a group...

Cabin Crew Salaries: Hot Air Balloon Pilot

Name: "Captain Crystal" StoutJob Title: Hot Air Balloon PilotWhere: Ridgefield, WAEmployer: Morning Star Balloon Co. (President/Owner/Operator)Years of Experience: 22Education: Jr. College  Cabin Crew Salaries: Hot Air Balloon Pilot When most people think of cabin crew salaries, they may picture an airline, but this Salary Story takes off with hot air balloon pilot...

Using Social Networking to Kickstart Your Career

Yahoo Inc. has unfurled a professional social network to help college students and recent graduates kickstart their careers. According to a blog-post by Scott Gatz, Yahoo’s senior director of advanced products: Y! Kickstart is a professional network with a specific purpose: to connect college students, recent grads, alums and professionals to find...

The Worst Job of All?

At some point you might’ve had a gig you think is the very worst this side of the moon. Unending hours, a micromanaging boss, shabby benefits–you name it, there are issues. I recall one job I’ve had that fits the bill; but after reading a Newsweek article on sewage workers in India,...

The More You Learn, The More You Earn

Trouble is afoot for middle-class workers. You don’t have to go far to hear people talking about it. In today’s Wall Street Journal, for example, David Wessel writes that middle-class earnings are taking a beating: "… the fact is that the remarkable burst of productivity of the past decade has not been...

America needs more skilled IT workers. Or does it?

There’s a chasm cutting through the IT job market, according to a BusinessWeek story. Technology workers say they can’t find enough good jobs, while tech companies say they can’t find enough skilled workers–and they’re pushing for immigration reforms for access to more high-skilled workers from abroad. According to the story: Employers point...

Carpenter Salary: How to Become a Carpenter

Name: Justin KatzJob Title: CarpenterWhere: Newport, RIEmployer: David E. Michael, Distinctive HomesYears of Experience: 3Education: BA in English, University of Rhode Island Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for the median carpenter salary. Carpenter Salary: How to Become a Carpenter Carpentry is one of those archaic professions that seems to be outsource-proof...

Vive La France, Vive Les Etats-Unis

When it comes to making a great nation, labor and workforce issues must take center stage–otherwise, the most any country can hope for is mediocrity. France and America, two great nations, have much to say about how their people work, and both are pushing to make things better. I witnessed this up-close...

Professional Wrestler’s Salary

Name: Darin ChildsJob Title: Professional Wrestler Where: I have wrestled throughout the world and run my own company throughout the State of Texas Employer: Owner of Anarchy Championship WrestlingYears of Experience: 10Education: B.A., Ohio State University Professional Wrestler’s Salary If you enjoy body-slams, pile-drivers and head-locks, then don’t miss this Salary Story...

Meeting and Event Planner Careers

Name: Jamie Lamb Job Title: Meeting and Event Planner (& Professional Bridal Consultant)Where: Middletown, Pennsylvania  Employer: Self-Employed – Coordinated Dreams Years of Experience: 3Education: Bachelors of Science in Business Management, Franklin UniversitySalary: See the PayScale Research Center for the median event planner salary. Meeting and Event Planner Careers If you’re interested in...

CRNA Income – Nurse Anesthetist Salary and Career Information

Name: Terry Freemark Job Title: Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)Where: Southeastern Pennsylvania Employer: Hospital Years of Experience: 10+Education: Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master of ScienceSalary: See the PayScale Research Center for the median Nurse Anesthetist Salary. Nurse Anesthetist Salary and Career Information If you asked most people, they probably wouldn't be...

Do you deserve overtime?

Overtime suits are taking the labor-law stage by storm, according to recent news reports (BusinessWeek, New York Times), and more and more companies are finding themselves in the hot seat. Attorneys like Mark R. Thierman are suing companies for violating so-called wage and hour laws, claiming they’ve not paid overtime to workers...

Meeting Facilitation Training: Meeting Icebreakers

Name: Shirley Fine Lee   Job Title: Meeting Facilitator  Where: Lewisville, Texas  Employer: Self-Employed, Years of Experience: 12+Education: North Central Texas College Associate of Science, Dallas Baptist University BA in Management Information Systems  Meeting Facilitation Training: Meeting Icebreakers For readers interested in working as a meeting facilitator, or who want to know...

Getting Hired After Being Fired

Getting fired is humiliating and frustrating. It’s a blow to your ego and self-worth, not to mention bad news for the future of your career. But does a termination forever banish you to the fringes of the working world? Using it to Your Advantage Being fired isn’t all bad, experts say, and...

Let’s Get Our Workforce Out of the 1950s

Is a computer worth more to a company than a female executive who makes six figures and has loads of client relationships? It might be, according to a New York Times article on Sylvia Ann Hewlett’s recent book, “Off-Ramps and On-Ramps,” about women re-entering the workforce after time off to care for...

Criminal Defense Attorney Salaries

Name: Scott Pactor Job Title: Criminal Defense Attorney – Attorney at Law Where: San Diego, CA  Employer: Self-Employed Years of Experience: 6Education:J.D. Hastings College of Law, San Francisco; B.A. American University, Washington D.C.   Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for criminal defense attorney salaries. Criminal Defense Attorney Salaries If you're interested in...

A Window on Generations Now

The workforce is knee-deep in an anomaly: For the first time ever, four generations are side-by-side, with everyone from Millennials to the Silent Generation contributing to the bottom line. But what is a generation, anyway, and what are these four all about? According to Chuck Underwood, founder and president of The Generational...

Physician Assistant Salaries – Physician Assistant Career Outlook

Name: Teresa Holler Job Title: Physician Assistant Where: Roanoke, Virginia Employer: Self-EmployedYears of Experience: 12Education: Siena College, BA in biology; Touro College, BA physicians assistant program; Alderson-Broaddus, MA in medicineSalary: See the PayScale Research Center for median physician assistant salaries. Physician Assistant Salaries: Physician Assistant Career Outlook For readers who don't want...

Accountant Career Path – Accountant Average Salary

Name: Christine White Job Title: Accountant Where: Virginia Employer: Self-EmployedYears of Experience: 20Education: BBA, Averett University in Danville, VA Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for an accountant average salary. Accountant Career Path – Accountant Average Salary If you're interested in an accountant career path and/or an accountant average salary, this interview...

Careers In Broadcast Journalism Occupational Outlook

Name: Ross Crystal Job Title: Broadcast Journalist Where: Los Angeles, CA Employer: Self-Employed, Owner ShowbizExpress.Net Years of Experience: 25+Education: University of Miami, BA Degree Broadcast JournalismSalary: See the PayScale Research Center for the median broadcast journalism salary. Careers In Broadcast Journalism Occupational Outlook For readers who are exploring careers in broadcast journalism,...

Too Soon to Tell True Impact of Decline in Jobs

The U.S. lost 4,000 jobs in August, spurring stories about a dreaded recession looming ever-closer. It’s the first decline since 2003, particularly grim news given experts’ prediction there would be an increase of about 100,000 jobs. A Wall Street Journal article points out: The timing made clear the report wasn’t a result...

What It Takes to Become a Chiropractor

Name: Steven Shoshany D.C, C.C.E.P. Job Title: Chiropractor Where: Manhattan, NY Employer: Self-Employed Years of Experience: 11 monthsEducation: Undergraduate CUNY NY, Post graduate Life, Chiropractic Atlanta Ga. Doctor of Chiropractic Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for the median chiropractor salary. What it Takes to Become a Chiropractor If you’ve ever wondered...

Washington’s Smoke-and-Mirrors No Good for Laid-Off Workers

Congress and the Bush administration have engaged in yet another vitriolic verbal war over policy, this time related to trade legislation supposed to help workers laid off due to offshoring. But analysts say the clamor in Washington is misguided. The feds can do better than protectionism, they say, and focus on retraining...

Emergency Medical Technician Careers: Salary of Paramedic

Name: Steve Baskin Job Title: Critical Care Paramedic/ER Tech Where: South Louisiana Employer: Rural Hospital ER Years of Experience: 14Education: Associate Degree (Louisiana Technical College, University of Louisiana at Monroe, Louisiana State University at Eunice)Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for the average salary of a paramedic. Emergency Medical Technician Careers: Salary...

This Labor Day, How Satisfied Are America’s Workers?

As many Americans take a long-weekend reprieve from work, most seem quite content with their jobs. So says a new study by the University of Chicago, which shows 86 percent of people interviewed between 1972 and 2006 saying they were satisfied with their jobs. “The most important factors contributing to more job...

As Workers’ Health Costs Balloon, So Do Their Waistlines

The Census Bureau Tuesday reported a record number of Americans without health insurance: 47 million, an increase of more than 2 million. One of the major reasons for the jump, according to analysts and news reports, is that employers are shucking health insurance coverage, leaving workers to fend for themselves. The NewsHour...

Professional Organizer and Redesign Specialist

Name: Noelle Jackson Job Title: Professional Organizer and Redesign Specialist Where: Seattle, Washington State Employer: (Self) Small Business Owner Redesign Consulting, Home and Work RedesignYears of Experience: 1 year of professional home and work redesign, 10 years doing home and work redesign for friends and familyEducation: College and Graduate School ( Northwestern...

Hospitalist Salary: Hospitalist Job Openings

Name: Frank L. Urbano, MD, FACP Job Title: Hospitalist Where: Mount Holly, New JerseyEmployer: SAI Inpatient Resources, Virtua-Memorial Hospital of Burlington County Years of Experience: 9 years in practiceEducation: BS, Rutgers University; MD, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey; internship and residency, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Hospitalist Salary: Hospitalist Job...

Becoming A Flight Attendant

Name: Sherri Blaise Job Title: Flight AttendantWhere: Detroit, MI Employer: Mesaba Airlines Years of Experience: 5+Education: B.S. in Journalism, Florida A&M UniversitySalary: See the PayScale Research Center for the median flight attendant salary. Becoming A Flight Attendant For readers interested in becoming a flight attendant, or who want to know more about...

The Evolution of Higher Education

The New York Times recently examined several public universities charging higher tuition for certain majors, such as business, science/engineering, and journalism. According to the article by Jonathan D. Glater, "Such moves are being driven by the high salaries commanded by professors in certain fields, the expense of specialized equipment and the difficulties...

Uncle Sam wants you to drive to work. Then again, no he doesn’t.

The U.S. government is sending contradictory messages to the American public about driving to work, according to a New York Times story. A federal tax break supports people driving, allowing up to $215 a month in pre-tax dollars to go toward parking at work. But earlier this week the U.S. Department of...

More on Workers’ Health

A recentpost on the CommuterPageBlog looks at a new U.K. report suggesting that country’s increasing dependence on cars has contributed to obesity and climate change. The report, by the Institute for European Environmental Policy, offers American workers food for thought, especially since some companies are charging employees who don’t meet certain health...

Fast Food Jobs: Salary of Fast Food Workers

Name: Tyler Zimmerman Job Title: Fast Food Worker (Cashier)Where: Carbondale, Illinois Employer: Arby’s Years of Experience: 1 and a half yearsEducation: GEDSalary: According to PayScale’s Research Center, the median salary of fast food workers ranges from $5.91 to $8.86 per hour in different U.S. cities. Salary of Fast Food Workers Fast food...

Should Unhealthy Workers Pay Penalties?

Clarian Health Partners, a hospital chain based in Indiana, in 2009 will start charging workers who smoke, are overweight, or have high blood pressure, blood sugar or cholesterol. The plan, which could charge workers up to $780 a year, has drawn fire from opponents. According to the Chicago Tribune story: Lewis Maltby,...

Geologist Salary and Job Outlook

Name: Dr. Jim Reynolds Job Title: Geologist and Associate Professor of Geology Division of Science & MathematicsWhere: Brevard, North Carolina Employer: Brevard College Years of Experience: 30Education: BA, Master’s, and PhD from Dartmouth CollegeSalary: See PayScale’s Research Center for median geologist salaries. Geologist Salary and Job Outlook What is a petroleum geologist?...

Kicking Credit-Card Debt to the Curb

Why do so many Americans rack up so much credit-card debt? Myriad news articles, reports and financial-advice columns offer a variety of reasons, which fall into two camps: spendthrifty consumers are to blame and so are credit-card companies’ deceptive practices. Legislation should regulate credit-card companies so they don’t take unfair advantage of...

Actuary Salaries and Job Description

Name: Promod Sharma Job Title: ActuaryWhere: Toronto, Ontario Employer: Major Canadian Life Insurance Company Years of Experience: 23 Education: BSc (University of Western Ontario) Salary: Use PayScale's Research Center to find median actuary salaries. Actuary Salaries and Job Description Most people may not know what an actuary does, or the reasons to...

What is the Salary of a Pastry Chef?

Name: David Benton Job Title: Pastry ChefWhere: Oakland, California Employer: Self-Employed – SugarSweet Pastries Years of Experience: 3Education: California Culinary Academy, San Francisco, CaliforniaSalary: See PayScale's Research Center for the median pastry chef salary. What is the Salary of a Pastry Chef? Looking for a delicious career? For readers interested in pastry...

Minding the Economy

America, are you concerned about the economy? That may seem an odd question on the heels of my post about economic inequality. Still I’m prompted to ask after reading the inaugural politics-and-economics New York Times column by Tom Redburn. Redburn suggests that Iraq, not the economy, is dominating the stage for politicians...

What Is the Salary for a Hotel Manager?

Name: Daniel Edward Craig Job Title: General Manager, Opus Hotel Vancouver (& Acting General Manager, Opus Montreal) Where: Vancouver and Montreal Employer: Opus Hotels Years of Experience: 15Education: Bachelor of Arts, International Relations, University of British Columbia Salary: See PayScale's Research Center for the average Hotel General Manager Salary. What is the...

Know the Salary for Respiratory Therapists

Name: Glenna Muse Job Title: Respiratory Therapist Where: Springfield, Missouri Employer: Cox South Hospital, CoxHealth Systems Years of Experience: 2Education: Associate’s Degree, Ozarks Technical Community College Salary: See PayScale’s Research Center for the average respiratory therapist salary. Know the Salary for Respiratory Therapists Do you know the salary for respiratory therapists? Or...

Getting Rid of Economic Inequality: How Do We Do It?

An in-depth New York Times article on super-rich tycoons such as Sanford Weill and Bill Gates drew scorn from a number of NYT readers, who say the moguls don’t give enough credit to their employees and should pay higher taxes. The article says we’re in a new "Gilded Age": Only twice before...

Phlebotomy Salaries and Career Outlook

Name: Angela Swicegood Job Title: Phlebotomist Where: Bentonville, Arkansas Employer: Private ClinicYears of Experience: 1Education: GED, Phlebotomy School, CPT (Certified Phlebotomy Technician) Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for the median phlebotomy salaries. Phlebotomy Salaries and Career Outlook We recently needled Angela about her phlebotomist career, work tasks of a phlebotomist, training...

Continuing Education for MBAs

The Wall Street Journal this week highlighted continuing education programs at Northwestern and York universities for workers with MBA degrees. Designed for mid-career associates who earned MBA degrees before 1995, the so-called Renaissance program at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management seeks to bring managers up to speed on advances in their field....

Art Education Salary: Art Teacher Salary

Name: Kelly T.M. Kilmer Job Title: Art Teacher and Mixed Media Artist Where: Across the U.S. and Abroad Employer: Independent Contractor/Self EmployedYears of Experience: 10Education: Some College, Self-Taught in the Arts Salary: According to the PayScale Research Center, the average art teacher salary (post-secondary) in major cities ranges from $38,849 to $47,550....

High Salary Careers: Anesthesiologist Career Information

Name: Dianna KeneallyJob Title: Anesthesiologist Where: MaineEmployer: Private Hospital (formerly self-employed)Years of Experience: 21Education: B.Sc. in Chemistry, M.D., Anesthesiology ResidencySalary: See the PayScale Research Center for median anesthesiology salaries. High Salary Careers: Anesthesiologist Career Information For folks who have ever asked "What is the job outlook for an anesthesiologist?" or wondered about...

Career as a Heavy Equipment Operator

Name: Shawn RobisonJob Title: Heavy Equipment Operator Where: Louisville, KYEmployer: Flynn Brothers Contracting Years of Experience: 18Education: High School DiplomaSalary of Heavy Equipment Operator: See the PayScale Research Center for the median Pay Scale for Heavy Equipment Operators. Career as a Heavy Equipment Operator For readers who like to work outdoors, it...

Fred Thompson’s Next Career Move

Fred Thompson seems a man of many talents. You may know him as the district attorney on the TV drama "Law & Order," or as former U.S. Senator from Tennessee. Or perhaps you’ve heard of the real-life part he played in Watergate. In the next few weeks, you may come to know...

Voting Smart

As America celebrates another birthday, a slew of characters are vying for the nation’s most high-profile job, President of the United States. Some of the front-runners on both sides of the aisle are New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards (Democrats), and...

Occupational Therapy Careers

Name: Cheryl HallJob Title: Occupational TherapistWhere: Baltimore, MDEmployer: Independent Contractor in Home Health Years of Experience: 23Education: B.S. Occupational Therapy, San Jose State University, California (now you need a master’s or doctorate degree to become an Occupational Therapist) Salary: See PayScale’s Research Center for the average Occupational Therapist salary. Occupational Therapy Careers...

LPN Salary: Duties of a LPN

Name: Linda J. MeikleJob Title: Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)Where: Columbus, Ohio Employer: K-Force Professional Staffing and Maxim HealthCareYears of Experience: Graduated LPN School in 1971. 36 years.Education: GED and LPN School and coursework for RN at various colleges.LPN Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for up-to-date information on LPN salary. LPN Salary:...

Should Paid Leave Become Law?

Some states are considering legislation requiring employers to provide paid family leave to employees, according to a Wall Street Journal op-ed. The editorial says such proposals aren’t the way to go because they’ll prove too pricey for employers, and invite fraud and abuses by dishonest employees. Meanwhile, an article in the New...

Generation Y at Work

What is Generation Y all about? That’s a question on the minds of many, it seems–particularly journalists, workforce experts, and even Gen Y-ers themselves. Some have said members of Generation Y are navel-gazing, I-want-it-now neophytes in the workplace. Others say they’re expert multi-taskers and technological wizards, capable of finishing 60 hours’ worth...

Note to New Grads: Work Hard, Not Constantly

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg offered tips for new college graduates on their first job and beyond, as he gave a commencement address at the City University of New York's College of Staten Island. Several Wall Street Journal blogs examine Bloomberg's speech (click here and here), and the full speech is available via...

Different Definitions of the American Dream

America is the land of opportunity. If you have a goal, such as owning your own sweet shop or becoming a movie star, you can attain it here through hard work and perseverance. Is this just the myth of an American Dream, or does the American Dream exist? I recently posed that...

Massage Therapist Salary

Name: Gilda Hart Job Title: Owner/Registered Massage TherapistWhere: Round Rock, Texas Employer: Self-employed – Wholeness Therapeutic MassageYears of Experience:2Education: About 6 months of Massage School (plus some college in Business Marketing)Salary: According to the PayScale Research Center, the average massage therapist salary ranges from $26,579 (Philadelphia) to $72,250 (Austin) Massage Therapist Salary...

More on Home Health Workers

An op-ed from today’s New York Times underscores my previous post on a recent Supreme Court decision concerning home care workers. According to the editorial: … the justices were completely silent on the question of whether denying overtime to home health employees is good policy, let alone morally justifiable. Clearly it is...

Home Care Workers: More than Babysitters

The Supreme Court Monday ruled 9-0 to uphold federal regulations that say home care workers aren’t entitled to overtime and minimum wage protections. The Labor Department has said that home care workers are exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act, grouping them with maids, cooks, housekeepers, and babysitters as providers of "companionship...

Making Sense of the Minimum Wage Increase

The federal minimum wage will climb from $5.15 an hour to $5.85 an hour later this summer, and by 2009 it’ll rise to $7.25 an hour. The first hike in a decade, it was approved by federal lawmakers in late May and drew the usual cheers from proponents and jeers from opponents....

What’s the Cure for Corrupt Politicians?

Rep. William Jefferson, a Louisiana Democrat, was indicted earlier this week by a federal grand jury on charges of bribery and other corruption. Meanwhile, Vice President Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff, I. Lewis Libby Jr. (known as Scooter Libby), was sentenced to 30 months in prison for lying to federal investigators...

Sports Broadcaster Salaries

Name: Jerry Massey Job Title: Sports Broadcaster Where: Virginia Tech, VA Employer: ISP SportsYears of Experience: 10Education: Bachelor of Science – Media Studies, Radford UniversitySalary: According to PayScale, sports broadcaster salaries average out to $30,236 for radio and $62,992 for television Sports Broadcaster Salaries For those seeking job info for sports broadcaster...

Elementary School Teacher Salaries

Name: John Rickey Job Title: Elementary School Teacher Where: Toronto, Canada Employer: PrivateYears of Experience: 15Education: Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Education, University of TorontoSalary: See PayScale’s Research Center for average Elementary School Teacher salaries. Elementary School Teacher Salaries These days the topic of elementary school teacher salaries is a hot button!...

Supreme Court Rules for Employers in Pay-Discrimination Suit

The Supreme Court has ruled employees can’t sue their employers over pay discrimination that took place years earlier. And according to Marcia Greenberger, a co-president of the National Women’s Law Center, “The ruling is clearly a very important setback in the ability to eliminate discriminatory pay. It puts people in a terrible...

CEO Salaries: Too Much on the Up-and-Up?

An article in today’s New York Times examines chief executives’ salaries, noting a gap between them and the paychecks of executives directly beneath CEOs. According to the story: As executive pay has surged in most American companies, attention has focused on the growing gap between the earnings of top executives and the...

The Minimum Wage Gets a Boost

Congress has approved a hike for the minimum wage–for the first time since 1997. According to a New York Times article: By a vote of 348 to 73, the House approved the measure as part of a deal on Iraq spending. Less than two hours later, the wage increase was approved in...

Medill 2020

The Medill School of Journalism is getting a makeover. The school, part of Northwestern University, is being revamped in response to changes in the media industry, according to Dean John Lavine. The new plan, Lavine recently told Inside Medill News, weaves together three critical elements of media: news/stories, audiences and consumers, and...

College Professor Salaries

Name: Margaret Soltan Job Title: College Professor Where: Washington D.C. Employer: George Washington University   Years of Experience: 25 Education: B.A., Northwestern University; M.A. and Ph.D., University of Chicago Salary: See PayScale’s Research Center for median college professor salaries. College Professor Salaries For readers who have ever wondered how to become a...

Average Salary for a Pharmacy Technician

Name: Andrew Christian, CPhT Job Title: Certified Pharmacy Technician Where: Washington D.C. Employer: Target Pharmacy   Years of Experience: 3 Education: Pharmacy Technician Certification Program, ACT College Salary: Use PayScale’s Research Center to find the Average Salary for a Pharmacy Technician. Average Salary for a Pharmacy Technician With rapid growth in the pharmacy industry, the job...

Four Generations at Work

While writing the first story in a series on baby boomers and the workforce, I started thinking beyond generational lines. How will the rest of the workforce–especially Generations X and Y–deal with the demographic shifts coming about? Fortune Magazine earlier this week posted a story about Generation Y at work, touching on...

Getting Rich off the Working Poor

There’s money to be made on America’s working poor, and some U.S. companies are seizing the chance, according to a new BusinessWeek article. The article offers an in-depth look at how businesses tap into the weaknesses of the working poor–they want goods and services, but aren’t educated about the best way to...

Nuclear Medicine Technologist Salary

Name: Marc Jones Job Title: Nuclear Medicine Technologist Where: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Employer: Medisys Health Group  Years of Experience: 1 Education: Dalhousie University in Halifax Nova Scotia. Bachelors of Science (Biology), Diploma in Health Sciences (Nuclear Medicine Technology)Salary: See PayScale’s Research Center for the average nuclear medicine technologist salary. Nuclear Medicine Technologist...

Michelle Obama Puts Her Career On Hold

A story in Friday’s Washington Post says Michelle Obama–wife of Sen. Barack Obama–is stepping down from her position as vice president of community and external affairs at the University of Chicago Hospitals. She will instead be focusing on her husband’s campaign for president. According to the Washington Post: She never aspired to...

Abercrombie & Fitch–aka, Cool-Kids-Only?

I’ve often wondered why Abercrombie & Fitch has done so well, what the motivation is behind its marketing machine. On doing a bit of research, I discovered a man behind the machine: CEO Mike Jeffries. Under Mike Jeffries’ tutelage, Abercrombie & Fitch has flourished, with hundreds of stores, four brands and billions...

Travel Nurse Agency Jobs: Traveling Nurse Salary

Name: Amy Robbins Job Title: Traveling Nurse Where: Tallahassee, Florida Employer: Multiple Agencies   Years of Experience: 12 Education: Darton College in Albany, GeorgiaSalary: A traveling nurse salary depends on where the assignment is located. (High hourly wage of $40, low of $30) Travel Nurse Agency Jobs: Traveling Nurse Salary As the...

Emailing at Work: Be Safe, Not Sorry

Email is both an asset and a liability, and nowhere is that more evident than in the workplace. David Shipley and Will Schwalbe explore the perils of email in their new book, "Send: The Essential Guide to Email for Office and Home." David Shipley is the deputy editorial page editor and op-ed...

Working From Home: A Medical Transcriptionist Salary

Want to work from home as a medical transcriptionist? Here's everything you need to know about medical transcriptionist training, salary – and what it's like to do the job every day.

Behavioral Economics and Your 401(k)

How would you feel if your employer took charge of your 401(k) plan? Several recent articles (The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Contra Costa Times) explore the pros and cons of this concept, referred to as automatic enrollment, and the forces behind it. The New York Times examines one of...

How to Become a Wedding Planner

Name: Leslie Weekes Job Title: Wedding Consultant (and events) Where: Washington D.C. Employer: Self-employed, Leslie-Manning Events, LLC   Years of Experience: 6 Education: BA in English Salary: See PayScale's Research Center for the median wedding planner salary. How to Become a Wedding Planner In the film The Wedding Planner, actress Jennifer Lopez...

MIT Dean Falls from Glory

Marilee Jones, the admissions dean at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was forced to resign this week for having misrepresented her academic credentials on her resume. According to a Wall Street Journal article: … as the university learned last week, Ms. Jones had embellished her own credentials. She attended college for one...

Video Resumes

We’re journeying through the YouTube era, and our