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Sudarshan Sampath is director of research at PayScale. Sudarshan grew up in the America’s heartland (Ohio) and got his M.S. in economics and econometrics from the University of Kent in Canterbury. In his spare time Sudarshan enjoys Ken Burns documentaries, Japanese fashion, hiking and searching for the perfect landscape photo.

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Economic Trends: Reflections on 2019, Predictions for 2020

The employment numbers published Friday, December 6th was an effective synopsis of the past year of economic growth. U.S. employers added a remarkable 266,000 jobs (a number that is still impressive even after accounting for the 50,000 employees that went back to work as a result of the end of the General...

Different Skills Command Premium Pay. But How Much and When?

Recruiting and keeping top tech talent is a challenge for companies across all industries. By nature, top performers are early adopters. They keep their skills sharp by staying abreast of the latest technologies, including the unceasing evolution of programming languages. If compensation is not adjusted accordingly, companies will lose top talent. Understanding...

Choosing Majors Doesn’t Have to Mean Choosing a Career

It’s difficult to predict what the job market will be like when this fall’s college freshmen enter the job market. As is the cyclical nature of the economy, the current unprecedented economic expansion will likely wane. Innovations in artificial intelligence and automation are poised to create and eliminate a large portion of...
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When Does it Pay to Learn Programming Languages?

Having programing knowledge can pay, but some skills are much more valuable than others depending on the language's current stage in its useful lifecycle.

Economic Trends: Reflections on 2018, Predictions for 2019

Economic trends throughout 2018 suggested a robust economy, but with 2019 fast approaching, the looming rain clouds on the U.S. economy's horizon are becoming harder to ignore.