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Teresa Perez is an economist at PayScale. She has a BA in mathematics and economics from Bryn Mawr College and a M.S. in economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Among other things, her research has focused on the distribution of human capital and industries across cities. When she is not crunching the numbers, you can find her either knitting, hiking or cooking.

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Sponsors: Valuable Allies Not Everyone Has

Having a sponsor at work can accelerate your career, but not everyone has someone who will go to the mat for them. While having a sponsor pays a premium, the size of that boost depends on who your sponsor is.
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Earnings Peak at Different Ages for Different Demographic Groups

Men out earn women at the start of their careers. Differing rates of wage growth compound this wage gap, so that men and women see their wages peak at different times.
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What’s Driving Employee Disloyalty

Employees have spent less time at their current org than they have in the past. This may be bad news for employers, but it can be good for the economy.

Varsity Blues: College Bribery Reaps Low ROI

College education is seen as an investment in a student’s future. But is bribing college officials the best investment decision a parent can make?

Which Skills Are the Most Valuable?

Acquiring new skills is key to boosting pay and remaining relevant in a rapidly changing workforce. Which skills will help workers the most? Using data analyst and data scientist jobs, we present a framework for thinking about skills and skill premiums.

The State of Wage Inequality in Tech in 2018

Tech’s diversity problem goes beyond the underrepresentation of certain minority groups. There is a racial wage gap in tech, and black and brown tech workers do not get equal pay for equal work. However, when we look at software developers in tech, there is a glimmer of hope in terms of pay...
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Inner City Blues: City Real Wages in the Decade Since the Great Recession

Real wages have not recovered their pre-recession levels. The squeeze on real wages has been particularly severe in some of the hottest markets. Meanwhile, things don’t look so bleak in some overlooked cities – but for all the wrong reasons.

PayScale Index Q2 2018: Nominal and Real Wage Growth Falter Despite Low Unemployment

The PayScale Index tracks quarterly and annual trends in compensation. The latest Index for Q2 2018 shows that both nominal wages and real wages declined quarter over quarter. Due to inflation rising faster than wage growth, workers in Q2 2018 are earning 1.4 percent less “real wages” than they did a year...
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Ageism In Tech

Landing a job in tech is not so easy if you’re over 40.
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The Gender Pay Gap May Never Be Bridged

Recent research shows that women take a big hit in terms of their earnings and career trajectory after having children.
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Most People (Still) Have No Idea Whether They’re Paid Fairly

The vast majority of workers do not know how their pay compares to the market rate.

PayScale Index: Continued Wage Growth, Midwest Rebounds, Finance and Energy Up and More

PayScale’s Q3 Index was released today! Nominal wages in the U.S. grew for the ninth consecutive quarter, with an increase of 0.7 percent since Q2 2017 and 2.8 percent since Q3 2016. After essentially flat quarter-over-quarter (Q/Q) growth in Q2, there was a non-negligible uptick of 0.5 percent in real wages in...