3 Dangerous Jobs That Leave No Room For Mistakes

In the modern work world, we usually think of mistakes as learning experiences. In most cases, making mistakes at your own job won’t put you or someone else in a life or death type of situation. However, there are jobs out there that leave no room for mistakes. And the consequences of making a mistake is much more costly than anything you can imagine.

(Photo Credit: Pixabay/Pexels)

Air Traffic Controller, $84,000/year

Air Traffic Controllers have a huge responsibility. They direct all airline traffic and are also responsible for alerting pilots in case of danger or adverse weather conditions. Each time you land at the airport safely, there is an air traffic controller responsible for getting you there. This job requires a person’s complete and full attention at all times. Some ATCs are only allowed to work for 30 minutes at a time before taking a break, which gives you an idea of how serious of a role this is.

BSL-4 Lab Technician, $38,693+/year

Lab technician salaries have a median of around $38,000/year. However, we can assume that a BSL-4 Lab Technician probably earns a lot more, considering that their primary job role is working with bio-hazardous materials and contagious diseases. Without their dedication to research and safety, deadly diseases could potentially spread and wipe out the human race.

Underwater Welding, $58,000/year

Underwater welders are valuable because they help repair things like off-shore oil platforms and large ships. The biggest danger for underwater welders is the risk of electric shock and underwater explosions, where the consequences are deadly. If you’re not convinced, there are plenty of horror stories to keep you up at night. The commercial diving industry is small, but out of about 10,000 employees, OSHA reports six to 13 diving fatalities per year.

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