3 Surprising Telecommuting Jobs

It’s the new American dream: work at something you love, from home, in your pajamas, and make a decent living at it. Of course, that’s easier if you work as a social media manager or a customer service representative. But what about folks in traditionally office-bound gigs? Can they ever hope to work from home?

Sara Sutton Fell, founder and CEO of FlexJobs, says they can. In an article for Mashable, Fell writes about a few telecommuting jobs that most people would never think about.

1. Neurosurgeon

As you would expect, telecommuting neurosurgeon jobs are pretty rare, but Fell’s company does have at least one listing for a doctor who would telecommute most of the time and travel to various locations for surgery.

“In fact, medical jobs dominate flexible job listings, and a neurosurgeon is only one of the many surprising employment opportunities across the board in 50+ career fields that are hiring for virtual positions,” she writes.

2. CEO

Fell has seen jobs for all levels of executives, from the CEO on down. She does caution, however, that c-level workers are generally expected to put in some time at the office.

3. Virtual Assistant

If you’re not quite ready to run your own company yet, don’t fret: entry- and mid-level positions often offer telecommuting capabilities as well. Most remote workers come to their jobs with equipment already in hand, which saves companies money. Continuing improvements in technologies like video conferencing and file sharing make it easier than ever to have a distributed workforce.

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