3 Ways to Deal With Your Jerkface Boss

An over-demanding boss can quickly turn your dream job into your job from hell. Don’t let your micromanaging, unreasonable, monster-of-a-boss keep you from an otherwise great job! Instead of quitting, Forbes offers up some tips for how to deal with your unbearable boss. Here are 3 highlights:

5 Ways to Deal With Your Jerkface Boss

1.    Take a Step Back. 127 unread emails, 13-hour days, and enough assignments to keep 5 employees busy? Put down your pitchfork and torch and take a minute to yourself. Get some fresh air while taking a walk around the block, have a healthy snack, or check out Calm.com for some guided relaxation. A small break will help you return with renewed energy. Also consider why your boss is putting on the pressure. An over-demanding boss has high expectations for a reason: delivering results. Don’t take it personally; your boss probably has her own jerkface boss to answer to.

2.   Check-In Regularly. If you don’t have a regular check-in meeting with your boss, suggest one. Use the meeting to figure out her priorities, compromise on deadlines, and set expectations you can both agree to. While you’re at it, clue your boss in to all your responsibilities and highlight your successes. When work gets hectic, your boss may overlook these accomplishments, so point them out and proudly wave your achievement flag!

3.    Speak Up. Don’t suffer in silence. You are your best advocate, so calmly talk to your boss and provide honest feedback. It’s better for your boss to hear directly from you rather than from HR or worse, the gossip mill. She will most likely appreciate your candor. If not, at least you’ll know it may be time to look for another job. 

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