3 Ways to Save Your Morning

How’s your morning going so far? If it’s slipping away from you, don’t panic: there’s still plenty of time to get on track and redeem your productivity.

James Clear at Lifehacker recently posted a great piece on how to have a productive morning, “You Have 25,000 Mornings as an Adult. Here’s How to Not Waste Them.” Even if you’re not a sucker for posts that feature average life expectancies, math, and productivity tips — and if not, why not? — you can get a lot out of Clear’s advice.

First and foremost, let’s look at the tips you can use right now, halfway through your morning:

1. Shut down your email — right now.

Clear suggests not opening your email until noon, but if it’s too late for you, close your email application until lunch time. Many of us fall into the trap of trying to answer email as it comes in. This is inefficient at best and stressful at worst, as each little envelope becomes an alarm going off in your psyche, demanding that you answer it right away.

2. Turn off your phone.

Can’t resist the urge to check your texts and social feeds? Don’t give yourself the chance. Turn off your phone and put it away.

3. Turn down the thermostat (or turn up the AC).

It’s not your imagination: you really do work better when you’re not overheated. In the dog days of summer, this is especially important.

There’s a lot more good advice in Clear’s post, include a few tips on how to make sure tomorrow morning goes more smoothly.

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