3 Ways Your Boss Can Tell You’re Looking for a Job

You might think that you’re successfully keeping your job hunt on the down low, but according to a column Ruth Mantell posted today at MarketWatch, you may be missing a few key steps. These telltale signs of a jobseeker might tip off your boss to your exit strategy.

  • Digital breadcrumbs. New LinkedIn connections that happen to be recruiters, frequent resume updates and brand-new recommendations all signal to your boss that you’re paying close attention to marketing yourself. It’s best to make small changes over an extended period; ideally, your online profiles are always kept fresh.
  • Distancing yourself. Remain social and don’t avoid water cooler talk just because you’re hoping to land a new job. “You don’t want to burn bridges,” etiquette expert Diane Gottsman advised. “You want to make sure you leave in good standing.”
  • Work ethic changes. “When you see someone volunteering a lot, or doing a lot of outside projects, that tells me they are interested in something other than their job that can lead to new opportunities,” explained human resources consultant Laurie Ruettimann. Other behavior to watch out for during the workday? Complaining about the work or boss, constantly stepping out to take phone calls, and letting your work quality suffer.

Managers, what are some other telltale signs that an employee is looking for a new job?

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