5 Careers for Optimists

jobs for optimists
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Optimists bring something unique and valuable to just about any workplace. But, some careers can really help them shine.

Optimism is good for your career. Plain and simple. It improves your ability to troubleshoot when problems arise and makes you more resilient to challenges. Also, optimism helps reduce stress, which helps you to be healthier. Plus, your infectious, positive energy is a great influence on coworkers and the company culture.

As an optimist, you bring a lot to the table. But, you may find that you are particularly well-suited to certain jobs in particular, as a result of your unique strengths and abilities. Here are just a few career paths that could be a great fit for optimists.

1. Teaching

Teaching any subject at any level is challenging to be sure. And, optimists might be just the people to rise to that challenge. A teacher sets the mood and tone for their classroom and for learning in general. Optimists see the best in the world and their students. This allows their students to do the same and have faith in their abilities and potential, too.

Good teachers have unwavering hope for their students. For an optimist, this part of the job will be second nature.

2. Entrepreneurship

Optimists have the potential to become great entrepreneurs. Striking out on your own requires a leap of faith, which is something that comes a little easier to optimists. Plus, you need persistence in order to get something new off the ground. Having a positive attitude helps considerably with this.

Other skills are certainly important too, but risk-taking and perseverance are key to the ultimate success of small business start-ups. Optimists naturally bring the right attitude and energy to the table.

3. Writing

Optimists are suited for any type of creative career, including writing. They think outside of the box and make up their own rules about current realities and about the future. Also, optimists are often able to take criticism in a positive way — something that comes in handy for writers, who must see critiques as an opportunity to learn and grow.

4. Nursing

Nurses are on the front lines when it comes to patient care. It’s essential that they apply a reliably positive and supportive approach with their patients and their patients’ loved ones. This is difficult to do day after day while working at a difficult job. But optimists who are inclined toward such work may find that they are perfect for it.

5. Union Organizing

A good dose of optimism could go a long way to support the career of a union organizer — especially these days, when unions face persistent and difficult challenges.

Union membership is heading in the wrong direction, even with an increase in membership among workers under the age of 35. An optimist could help find fresh solutions and approaches so that these important organizations can continue their vital work for many years to come.

Working as union organizer would allow an optimist to exercise their creativity, passion for life, and positivity to do some real good in the world. They could find this type of professional experience to be very satisfying.

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