5 International Companies That Will Let You Work From Anywhere

Ninety-three percent of workers say they’re more productive outside the office, according to jobs site FlexJobs, and 100 percent telecommuting roles are the most popular form of flexible work. But even jobs that offer 24/7 work-from-home capabilities often have limitations. For example, many employers require their workers in live in a specific state, for legal and/or practical reasons like training.

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If your dream is to travel the world — or even just to have a little more flexibility about where you call home — this obviously won’t work for you. To be a true digital nomad, you need to be unfettered by geographic restrictions. The good news is that there are companies all over the world who will let you do just that.

Today, FlexJobs released a list of the top 10 international companies offering the most remote jobs in their database. These are the top five:

1. Appen

Headquartered in Chatswood, Australia, Appen focuses on speech and language technology. Currently, the company is advertising for social media evaluators, which help companies “improve the relevancy of their newsfeed.”


ESL teachers with video capability can work for this Beijing-based language services company, which “works to offer the American elementary school experience to students in China.”

3. Cactus Communications

Based in Mumbai, this academic and medical editing services company is looking for a Korean-to-English translator and a computer science/mathematics editor.

4. Allergan

This pharmaceutical company is based in Dublin, but has offices all over the world. Currently, they’re hiring for remote positions including business development manager and medical science liaison.

5. SAP

It doesn’t get much more global than SAP, the enterprise application software company with offices all over the world. Current jobs listings include customer engagement executive and cloud solutions architect.

To see more international companies hiring remote workers, as well as current openings at each employer, go to FlexJobs’ list.

If none of these roles work for you, don’t give up your digital nomad dreams. With increasing numbers of employers embracing telecommuting — or even fully remote offices — finding a work-from-home job that lets you see the world is likely to get easier.

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