5 Job Seeking Tips for the Older and Wiser Generation

Job pickings are slim right now, especially for older workers. Because social media is so important in business nowadays, it’s not uncommon for older workers to be passed over for younger, tech-savvier, cheaper candidates. So, how can older and wiser workers find job placement in such a saturated job market? Here are five tips to help older professionals get back in the game.

1. Leverage Your Experience

Use your age to your advantage and emphasize your ample experience in your field of work. Older professionals are usually more settled in their careers and work for the same employer for longer periods of time, versus the younger generation, which jumps from job to job trying to start their careers.

2. Temporary or Part-Time Work

Search for employers who are looking to fill temporary or part-time positions, because that’s a great way to get your foot in the door at a company while also being able to have a flexible work schedule. More often than not, employers hire temporary employees as full-time workers when the budget permits, so you’ll want to be next in line when positions open up.

3. Do What You Love

Do some research and find out what are the best companies to work for in your industry. Too many people find jobs based on what salary they want, but they end up hating their work shortly after. Why not find a company that treats its employees well so that you can find enjoyment in your occupation?

4. Let Someone Else Do the Work for You

Hire a professional recruiter to do the dirty work for you. Companies are inundated with applications and resumes, so having a recruiter help you get your foot in the door will pay off greatly. Recruiters network with other recruiters and HR personnel, so they are the best people to seek out when trying to find job placement.

5. Get social

Social media is a great way to network and connect with the right people, so if you’re not already on every single one of the career-oriented social networks, then do that immediately! Some of the more popular professional networking sites are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Proven. (To find out more about how Proven can help simplify your job search, read this post.) Be sure to keep your profiles consistent across all platforms, including your profile picture, your bio or “About Me” blurbs, and your contact information. Also, remember to keep professional and personal separate so potential employers don’t accidentally see something that could take you out of the running for the job. Here is a post on how to keep your social networking profiles safe during a job search.

Job searching can be scary and overwhelming, so start small at first. Update your resume, set up your social networking profiles, and then begin the job search.

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