6 Great Reasons to Bring Your Kids to Work With You

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day is April 23rd and with summer vacation fast approaching as well, now might be a great time to start making plans. Or, since April break is well underway for a lot of kids, maybe now is the right time to bring your littles to work with you! Assuming your company is open to it, here are a few really great reasons to consider making the visit happen.

kids in the office

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1. Exposure.

Helping your kids experience all kinds of different things is important for their development, and it broadens their understanding of the world. No matter what you do, it’s something your kids haven’t experienced before, and that exposure alone could be a really good reason to let them tag along. Chances are, your kids have asked if they could come to work with you. They’re curious about what you do and how you do it! This desire shows they’re primed to take it all in, and that they’ll get a lot out of the day.

2. It’ll be good for your relationship.

OK, so the day you bring your children to work with you might not be your most productive day to date, but it will be memorable! And, it will be an excellent bonding experience for you and your kids. You’ll make terrific memories, and your children will be talking about it for months!

3. It’s a day that’s not all about them.

These days, kids live in a world that seems to revolve around them. From their school day, to their soccer games, to the shows they watch on TV, even dinner conversation — everything is super kid-centric. But, it didn’t used to be that way. Most of us grew up in a world that asked us to be patient, quiet, understanding … a world that asked us to “wait” because “the adults are talking.” Maybe today’s youngsters are missing out on something by living most of their days in a world custom-tailored to meet their needs. If you’re hesitant to bring your kids to work with you because the environment isn’t ideally suited for them – consider doing it for just that reason.

4. It could help change workplace policies.

CEO and founder of T3, Gay Gaddis wrote a post recently for Fortune discussing her company’s policy regarding bringing children to work. Among other things, one potential benefit of bringing your kids to the office could be that your company considers opening things up a bit, as T3 has done. Even if sweeping changes aren’t made, a little reminder to the bosses that employees have other important responsibilities — small people they’ll see with their own eyes — could be helpful for you and others.

5. They’ll understand you a little better.

Children sometimes lose sight of the fact that their parents are real people. Chances are, they don’t spend much time thinking about what your life is like when you’re away from them. Having the chance to see you in action will give them a little more understanding of your day, your responsibilities, the pace of your working life, etc. They’ll think it’s neat that they can picture you at work, and that will help them begin to understand you a little more. They might even cut you a little slack when you’re too tired to go that extra mile for them next time.

6. It could inspire them.

Take Our Daughters to Work Day was founded in 1993 by Gloria Steinem and the Ms. Foundation for Women. Sons were included a decade later. The big idea has always been to help kids feel inspired and excited about their future careers. It helps children appreciate the benefits of an education, and it could improve their academic performance. The fact is, this could be a more profound experience for your children than you could ever predict. But, you’ll never know all the good that could come of it, unless you give it a shot!

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