6 Tips for Decorating Your Office to Improve Your Mood

The workday is often long and hard, and sometimes we don’t have as much control as we’d like over the difficulties we’re forced to shoulder in our jobs. It’s easy to get run down, and it’s tough to be optimistic on days when so much feels out of our hands. Sometimes, all we can control are the little things. The good news is, these little things could make a bigger difference than you’d think. If you’re feeling like your attitude could use a little re-calibrating, try one or more of these quick tips for decorating your office to improve your mood. They really might help.


(Photo Credit: Trixi Skywalker/Flickr)

1. Try some color.

Colors can have an impact on the way you feel. If you want to feel more calm, try adding some blue to your workspace. Red increases energy and attention span. If you want to be more productive, green or yellow could do the trick. Finally, if you’d like to feel more confident and enthusiastic, try adding a splash of orange somewhere prominent. The impact these colors will have will probably be somewhat subtle, but some days we’ll take all the help we can get.

2. Clean up.

The way we take care of our spaces can be a reflection on the way we feel. Good self care means, in part, caring for your environment and taking time to make your surroundings more pleasant. So, even if you’re really down in the dumps and cleaning is the last thing you feel like doing, tidying up a little could help you feel better. Just 15 minutes devoted to organizational and cleaning tasks will likely go further than you think.

3. Buy some flowers.

Fresh flowers make a lot of people feel better. It helps to have something delightful to look at on your desk, and flowers or plants add depth and dimension to a space. The fragrance could also boost your mood and help your work environment feel more fresh and inviting. Even though plants and flowers cost a little something, treat yourself.

4. Let in some light.

Light (either the abundance or lack thereof) can have a huge impact on your mood. If you work in a dark space, you could feel sleepier or more down emotionally. Natural light is the best. Open window shades and curtains wide to let in as much of the good stuff as you can. Adding a lamp might also be a good idea. And, take a break from the light blazing from all of your devices once in a while. Turning your back on your computer screen for just a few minutes at a time, could be a really good habit to get into.

5. Add some things you love.

If your mood is in need of a little boosting, try this. Before you leave the house tomorrow, grab three things that you have sitting around at home that you really love and bring them into your office. Maybe it’s a framed picture, a little trinket or accessory, or even a favorite book. Just having a few things you really love close at hand could improve your attitude and outlook. Plus, they’ll make you feel more comfortable and at home, which is always a good thing.

6. Make a change.

Sometimes, change is good for its own sake. Once in a while, you need to shake things up by literally moving some things around. There might not be anything wrong with the design of your office the way it is, but sometimes it’s just nice to have a change. Try reorganizing some furniture, change the way your desk is oriented, or just rearrange the little things. It could make you feel like you’re getting a bit of a fresh start.

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