7 Ancient Jobs That Still Exist Today

Ancient Jobs
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Life in the ancient world was pretty different than it is now. Still, some of the jobs that we have today have been around since then.

Some jobs are so new that most of us can’t even recognize them by name. For example, do you know what a focus master or a listening lead does? On the other hand, some jobs have been around for centuries, or even millennia. Some things never change and ancient jobs are a testament to that. Is your job on the list?

1. Teacher

The job of teacher is quite ancient indeed. Since societies began, maybe even before that, villages have understood the importance of passing on their knowledge to the next generation. You’d think that teachers would be more appreciated, or at least better understood, given this fact. However there are still a lot of things teachers wish more people knew about their job.

2. Cab driver

You might think that the job of cab driver couldn’t have been around for long. But actually, the Ancient Romans invented the taxi meter. The job has been around, off and on, since then. However, in the wake of Uber and Lyft, cab drivers now face a somewhat uncertain future.

3. Farmer

Farming has been a really common job throughout history, at least since the dawn of agriculture. Even a couple of hundred years ago things were really different. In 1820, 72 percent of the workforce in the United States was employed in “farm occupations.” By 1987, just 2 percent of the U.S. population lived on farms. Now, new trends like urban farming are continuing to revolutionize the agricultural industry. The job itself might change, but farmers are here to stay.

4. Miner

People have been working in mines for centuries. And it’s always been highly dangerous and taxing work. Miners still work hard, and in tough conditions today. This is especially true for miners that work underground. Certain safety precautions and technologies can help, but this is tough work no matter how you cut it.

5. Writer

Once a civilization has a written language, they tend to have writers too. Some have worked as scribes and record keepers. And some did nothing short of revolutionizing the world. Ancient Greek writers, for example, have had a tremendous influence on Western society. Writers like Homer, Plato, and Aristotle are still as revered as ever for their contributions.

6. Doctor

Technology and medicine sure have come a long way since ancient times. Our understanding of the human body, and our knowledge about how to help it heal, has undoubtedly transcended the greatest hopes of our ancestors. Still, the profession was highly regarded, even in ancient times. Specialization has changed the way doctors train and work. But the job itself is definitely here to stay.

7. Builder

The idea that magnificent ancient structures were built solely by unskilled slave labor is a misconception. Master builders participated in all of the great constructions of the ancient world. Not just anyone could build the Great Pyramid of Giza or the phenomenal Inca road system. Like so many modern professionals, the builders of today stand on the shoulders of a long line of ancient workers who came before them.

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