7 Fresh Tips for a Great First Day at Your New Job

There is plenty of traditional advice out there for making a good impression on your first day on the job. Show up on time, dress for success, ask questions, and other yawn-inducing advice that you’ve heard a million times. We talked to people in person and on Facebook and added our own ideas to bring you a fresh set of tips for a great first day at your new job.

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1. Have a dress rehearsal. Actors have dress rehearsals to work out the kinks, so why not steal their idea! Wake up, get dressed, and do a test run of the commute before your actual first day. You’ll become familiar with the route to your new office and find out if your pants are too snug or blouse too revealing. Then on the big day, you can focus on the work and not sweat the small stuff.

2. Give yourself an ego boost. Reread your cover letter, letters of recommendation, and other encouraging messages from friends, family, and coworkers. Also make a mental list of people who support you. When you get nervous, pause to remember all the reasons you’re going to be great. You got this.

3. Create a personal soundtrack. Music can affect your mood and your perceptions, so use that power to help you rock on your first day. Create a personal soundtrack of pump up jams (try Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us”] or soothing tunes (try M. Ward) for the extra anxious. If you don’t have time to curate a playlist, Songza lets you choose the mood and takes care of the rest.

4. Pick your power color. Colors invoke emotion, so choose your sweater or tie wisely. Greens convey maturity, stability, and confidence, while reds and oranges convey power and dominance. A splash of color can also make you stand out and more memorable. When in doubt, go with a color that you look and feel great wearing.

5. Don’t forget the details. You already have your perfect outfit selected, but don’t forget about the details. Take time to attend to the small things that will make you feel like you’ve got it together. Get a manicure or paint your nails in a classic, professional color, get your shoes shined, or wear your favorite undergarments (hey, everyone has ‘em!). Do whatever it takes to make you feel confident.

6. Visualize the end of the day. Visualization helps bring specificity and clarity to your intentions. How do you want to feel at the end of the day? How will you accomplish that feeling? Visualize it and make it happen.

7. Treat yourself. Take a cue from Tom and Donna on Parks and Recreation and “treat yo self!” Pack a delicious lunch that you’ll look forward to in case the office cafeteria is a bust. For the end of the day, make dinner plans with a friend, book a massage, or rent your favorite movie. Come up with the right treat and you may find yourself as happy as this man.

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