7 Jobs For People Who Love Sleeping

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Do you ever wish you could sleep your way through the workday? Well, it might not be quite as simple as that. But, there are some job opportunities out there that could be great for those who love to doze.

There are all kinds of work opportunities available these days. You just have to know where to look. It’s always a great idea, when possible, to find work doing something you enjoy. Being invested in your job can help you stay productive and engaged. But, what if one of the things you love to do most is sleep? You might need to invest a little more than just that passion in order to fulfill all of your responsibilities; but, there are some jobs for people who really enjoy sleeping.

1. Scientific research subject

Many hospitals and universities need people to participate in various studies as a scientific research subjects. These studies cover all kinds of ground, of course, but some of the projects definitely involve getting paid to sleep. One sleep study at the University of Colorado is paying as much as $1280 to participants. Do be warned though, sometimes sleep studies examine what happens when people don’t get enough shut-eye. The job of research subject likely won’t be as simple as tucking in and collecting a check.

2. Bed tester

Believe it or not, bed tester jobs are for real. The position isn’t common, by any means, but at least a handful of people have been so fortunate as to swing one of these gigs. Student Roisin Madigan held a temp job in 2009 with the luxury bed company, Simon Horn Ltd which supplies beds to the Savoy Hotel. Madigan was charged with testing beds in the showroom under various travel conditions, like after drinking caffeine for example, to test the beds’ coziness. Now that’s a pretty cushy gig.

3. Overnight caregiver

Some individuals, or organizations, specifically hire folks to help provide care for those who need it overnight. On occasion, an overnight caregiver works a long and fairly uneventful shift. But, they have to stand ready to deal with whatever comes up with their patients or anyone else in their charge. Those needs come up quite often, depending on the job. Special training in dementia is associated with high paying work within this job category.

4. Line waiter

The concept of making money to stand in line for someone else is relatively new. However the market for line waiters is definitely growing. Certain aspects of the modern consumer landscape have propelled the need for this type of employment. The release of a new Apple product, for example, has become something of an event. Not everyone wants to be in line all day and night. But, they need someone to hold their place. If you end up landing a gig like this, there’s nothing that says you can’t grab a lawn chair, and some shuteye, while you wait.    

5, 6, and 7. Farming, Fishing and Forestry

You might not be able to sleep on the job when you work in one of these industries. But, research has found you’ll likely sleep pretty darn well at night if you do one of these jobs during the day. Of course, this isn’t because these professionals have plenty of time off. Instead, it’s because the folks who do this kind of work are utterly exhausted at the end of the day. If you really love sleeping, try doing a job that makes you really need it. You’ll appreciate sleeping on a whole new level.

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