8 Spooky Jobs and What They Pay

Nocturnist, Gravediggers and Butchers — oh my! This Halloween season, PayScale presents another installment of spooky jobs. In order to compile this list, we looked at salary data from over 10,000 employees to find out how much these spooky jobs pay.

While these jobs may be chilling, let’s remember (and celebrate!) the critical nature of this work to our communities at large.

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Nocturnist: $172,000

Nocturnists are by far, the highest paid workers on our 2019 spooky jobs list. Most folks won’t know this profession by name out right, but with further investigation it is revealed that Nocturnists are simply hospital-based physicians who work ONLY at night. Talk about a night owl.

Blood Bank Manager: $77,700

This clinical healthcare worker is involved with the handling and management of blood storage operations and resources. They must ensure the all collected specimens and donations are properly screened, stored and maintained at all times. Not a job well-suited for vampires.

Forensic Scientist: $58,300

If you’ve seen an episode of CSI, this role will likely sound familiar. These folks use the scientific method to gather and analyze material to be used as evidence by law enforcement and in court proceedings. Forensic scientists work both in the field, where they are trained to recover potential evidence, and in the forensic laboratory, where they examine that evidence and make determinations regarding its provenance. 

Entomologist: $49,700

An Entomologist is a scientist who is focused on the study of insects. These folks may do a combination of fieldwork, testing and research, all in the name of furthering knowledge about insect behavior, population, interaction and classification. All in a day’s lurk. 

Mortician: $46,500

Prepping dead bodies for cremation or burial earns you, on average, a chilly $46,500. In some cases, Morticians will also act as grief counselors or even funeral directors. When they do, they support families of the deceased, in anyway preferred by their clients. This could include all funeral logistics, writing an obituary and/or delivering items from the funeral home, to that of the deceased’s family.

Crime Scene Cleaner: $33,800

The bio-recovery industry, also referred to as crime scene cleanup, specializes in the cleaning of blood, bodily fluids and other potentially biohazards materials. It’s about erasing deaths and rebuilding lives, a critical pursuit, supporting folks dealing with traumatic experiences that require biohazard remediation. A few decades ago these businesses were non-existent. These days, there are hundreds of independent companies providing this service.

Butcher: $31,900

Slaughtering, dressing and selling the meat of animals, are the main duties of this spooky career. They must have experience butchering whole animals, and they are expected to have knowledge of both primal and sub-primal cuts; knowledge of specialty cuts is a must.

Gravedigger: $30,000

Nothing screams spooky quite like a career in burying the dead. But, don’t be quick to pass judgment — even the notable Tom Perry worked briefly as a grave digger, as alluded to in his music video for Mary Jane’s Last Dance.

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