9 Ways to Ruin Your Career at the Holiday Party

We’ve all seen it: the trainwreck of a work event when you mix co-workers, booze, and an encouragement to “let your hair down.” If you don’t want to spend the holidays looking for a new job, nip these mistakes in the bud before that party gets started.

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Uh Oh #1 – You Drank Too Much

Even if there’s an open bar at your work fete, you have got to keep things in control, man. Don’t be that drunk Santa everyone’s going to talk about the next day. Plus, while one drink could be fine, many many drinks are going to lead to possible barfing in public around your co-workers (or maybe even ON your co-workers). Chase that drink with a tall glass of water, and keep yourself in check.

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Uh Oh #2 – You Drank Too Much and Then Drove Home

Yep, you can get fired for getting a DUI even if you’re not at work. Keep it safe and catch a cab, have a designated driver, or just don’t overindulge at the office party.

Uh Oh #3 – You Made Out with Someone

Nope. Office romances may be OK, but furious office party PDA is never a good thing. And if it gets real hot and heavy, you could have some real problems on your hands the next day at work. Unless you want a zillion phone pics of you and what’s-his-name from Accounting floating around Monday morning, just keep it cool, man.

Uh Oh #4 – You Made Some Really Inappropriate Comments

You loosen up a bit and bam! out come the confessions you shouldn’t speak out loud. You blab about how stupid your boss is, how ugly (and/or hot) his kids are, how annoying his wife is and it’s bye-bye, job.

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Uh Oh #5 – You Brought Sexy Back

Never ever ever wear anything to a work party that you wouldn’t be seen in at, say, your mom’s house. No “sexy Santa” or “randy Rudolph.” Stick to a good old-fashioned ugly sweater and some antlers and count yourself lucky that you’re not going to have to look for another job come New Year’s. Oh, and if you’re dancing? Keep it PG. Don’t even dial it up to PG-13.

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Uh Oh #6 – You Destroyed It (Literally)

You got a little carried away trying to demonstrate the Feats of Strength at the office Festivus mixer and BAM, you smash the windows at the bar. Your employer is now stuck paying for the repairs, and won’t be eyeing you too kindly, either.

Uh Oh #7 – You Tweeted the Wrong Thing

You want to take a break from managing the company’s social media feeds for one dang night, so you hand off the duties to the intern (what could possibly happen?). Uh, a lot. Don’t drunk tweet. Don’t let others drink and tweet. And most importantly, don’t let others tweet for you.

Uh Oh #8 – You Outed Yourself (as a Moonlighter)

You get a little bit too personal in a conversation with a co-worker and suddenly everybody knows about that “private” blog you’ve been keeping on the side where you’re sharing corporate secrets under an anonymous name. Or you let everyone know that you’re really just biding your time while you look for a better job. You might find yourself looking full-time for that next gig while you’re sitting at home for the rest of the month.

Uh Oh #9 – Your Karaoke Choice Went There

What could happen with a little harmless karaoke? Plenty, if you’re not so sure of those song lyrics. Remember the Bluth Christmas party? If you’ve gotta sing, pick something simple and sans Parental Advisory lyrics (just steer clear of most of the Prince catalog to be safe). Leave that one for your Saturday night exploits away from your boss.


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