Be Productive During Idle Waiting Time

No one likes waiting. Whether it’s for an appointment, late meetings, when you’re stuck on hold, waiting for your kids to finish soccer practice, or waiting for your significant other to make it home for dinner, waiting takes up a lot of time, which can easily be better spent doing something productive.

Thanks to technology, it’s easy to turn this idle waiting time into productive ‘me time,’ no matter where you happen to be.

Use waiting time to go through your to-do lists. Did you finish that last work task? Did you add bananas to your shopping list? Add or tick off items, and get yourself organized for the next day. Do the same with your calendar — what is on your upcoming schedule? Do you need to reschedule something? Is a meeting still unconfirmed?

Wait time is also a great way to plow through your emails. We’ve all been guilty of letting messages pile up in our inboxes. Use this time to read emails, reply to messages and enhance your overall communication. This can easily be done while waiting for an appointment, or even while watching TV. The same can be done with returning phone calls and listening to voicemail messages.

A great way to be productive during the time you spend waiting is to enhance your own personal and professional development. Read articles from an industry journal, watch keynote speeches, or listen to podcasts from industry professionals.

If you’re tired of working and just need a few minutes to yourself, use wait time to engage in your favorite hobbies. Carry your sketchbook or notebook around with you, bring headphones so you can watch a movie on your phone or tablet, or bring a book to read. Even playing a game on your smartphone can help you relax.

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