Behold, the 5 Scariest Office Ghost Stories

The office is full of horrors, most of them fairly mundane. There was the time that project fell apart … as if through unseen forces. Or, the time your pens … just disappeared. And who could forget the mysterious case of the co-worker who vanished … overnight? OK, that last one was probably a layoff. But still! The office is a spooky place. It’s no surprise that there are loads of scary stories out there that take place in an office. Some of them, like these, might genuinely keep you up at night.


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1. This Is Why You Should Never Work Late…

At Reddit, mellowfluffy writes:

This happened to me four years ago and I can still remember every detail because it was one of the creepiest experiences I’ve ever had.

I worked as an in-house Graphic Artist for a cosmetics company. During the day the office was normally busy and full of people. But at night nobody wanted to work overtime alone. If we needed to do so it was usually by groups of three or four. I’ve heard stories about chairs swiveling on their own, about dark shadows moving about. I found it fascinating since I was interested in the paranormal but I never thought that something strange would ever happen to me.

My boss instructed me to go to the office one Saturday afternoon. Since it was a weekend nobody was there except a security guard. I thought that since it wasn’t at night it wouldn’t be creepy to work there alone.

I was wrong.

Nothing happened during the first two hours I was there. The office was completely silent. I decided to play some music on my computer to create a bit of noise while I edited my project. On the third hour something strange started to happen. I heard the sound of running feet, like a pair of rubber shoes squeaking against marble floor. I thought that maybe it was coming from the office next door since the walls were pretty thin. Then I heard the sound come closer as if it was running right in front of me…

Unfortunately, there’s more. Do not read if you’re generally the person who stays late enough to shut off the lights at the end of the day.

2. The Old Hospital

What could possibly be creepy about working in an old hospital, sterilizing surgical instruments? Well, everything. Here’s WitchMom78‘s account from Talk Paranormal:

My last job I had before this one was in an old hospital. I used to clean and sterilize surgical instruments. Anyways, the part of the hospital my department in was in the old part called the “North Tower.”

Well, it was creepy enough as it was with just the name, LOL. But the area I worked in was down in the basement and I worked second shift, so after 7 p.m. I was by myself till midnight, and you would constantly hear the dumb waiters (big cart elevators that we used to send up carts to surgery and ICU) start going on their own and you could hear clanking on the shelves.

After a while you just got used to it. But it was still spooky.

3. The Little Boy in the Warehouse

At Reddit, judyhsu0521 writes:

I recently found a new job in an import/export company. There are five office units and a big warehouse attached where we store all our products. I work in unit C and our lunch room is on the second floor of unit A.

A few of my co-workers who work in the warehouse have been telling me that they have been hearing sounds of someone either walking or running in the very backside of the unit A warehouse. Unit A section of the warehouse is usually dark because we store unpopular items there that don’t sell well. We seldom go there so we turn off the lights.

One day my co-worker heard those footsteps again. She decided to see what it was. She followed the sounds and actually saw what seemed like a little boy running away from her. At first she thought, “Why is a boy in here and how did he get in??” She followed him deeper into the warehouse and he disappeared.

Of course, that’s not all.

4. Do Ghosts Have an Inner Child?

“Employees at the Toys ‘R’ Us store in Sunnyvale, Calif., are more than familiar with ‘the other side,'” writes Barbara Swenson at AllBusiness. “People have reported seeing bathroom faucets turning themselves on and toys moving down the store aisles at night. Employees of this haunted toy store have also reported seeing ghostly, fog-like apparitions and even free-floating Frisbees!”

OK, that one is less scary than hilarious. Frisbee-playing ghosts! Hacky Sack is obviously next. But the last one might be the creepiest of all….

5. A Spooky Split-Level in Suburbia

Lovekats29 writes at Reddit:

I used to work in a haunted house. At first glance it didn’t look like much – a simple split-level on a residential street in a suburb of Jacksonville, Florida. My employers had renovated the house to be a small office and print shop. We moved from our location in a strip mall to the finished house shortly after I started working there in early 1994. And then the weird stuff started.

It was little things at first – you put your pen down on the counter and turn to do something and the pen is gone. You look EVERYWHERE only for the pen to show up where you know you left it in the first place. The computers went haywire … and we had fairly new Macs which were trouble-free in the old location. We started joking about “the ghost.” “The ghost” took your pen. “The ghost” crashed your computer again…. It was funny for a while. And then the cleaning crew quit – because they saw a little girl floating outside the upstairs window.

There’s more – so much more – in the rest of the post. Don’t read if you get queasy during slasher flicks.

Stories were lightly edited for grammar and clarity.

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