BYOD Pros and Cons [infographic]

BYOD policies are increasingly gaining favor at U.S. businesses, and this infographic reveals some pros and cons of the bring-your-own-device phenomenon using research conducted by SAP and NetBase. Should companies let employees use their own gadgets in the office?

On the plus side, 16 percent felt a BYOD policy may help boost sales: ADT saw its sales double in some areas when it let sales personnel use iPads. Enabling employees to use their own mobile devices also helps companies cut costs, transition to mobile solutions more efficiently and accelerate the pace of everyday business.

Not all employers love the idea of BYOD policies. One in 8 worry about liability issues should something go awry; 15 percent also expressed unease about confidentiality should a worker lose a mobile device that contains sensitive data. Nearly 30 percent were against BYOD policies in classrooms, citing concerns like cheating and the digital divide.

Check out the full infographic below. Are you for or against BYOD policies?

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(Photo credit: ZDNet)