Congrats, Canucks! Canada Fun Facts from PayScale

By Bridget Quigg

The Vancouver Canucks are one game away from an NHL Stanley Cup championship. So long Detroit, say goodbye San Jose and adios Anaheim. The Canucks are unlikely leaders of the tournament and Canadians are thrilled. We’ve decided to honor their success in our own PayScale way – with Canada fun facts from our research center.

PayScale offers salary data for nearly 100 countries, with our list growing all of the time. Of those many countries, we have a big bunch of interesting facts about our neighbors to the north.

According to PayScale’s data:

– The Canadian workforce is split right down the middle, 50 percent female and 50 percent male, whereas women dominate the U.S. workforce: 54 percent female, 46 percent male.

– As in most countries, females earn less than males in Canada, overall. The average salary range is C$37,355 – C$60,044 for women and C$45,560 – C$80,322 for men.

– Younger workers dominate the Canadian workforce, with 36 percent of the workforce having 1-4 years of experience, which is similar to the US where workers with 1-4 years of experience are 32 percent of the workforce.

– Workers with over 20 years of experience get twice as much vacation per year (3.5 weeks), on average, than new workers who get 1.7 weeks per year.

– Some of the highest-paying employers in Canada are IBM Canada Ltd., Hewlett-Packard Company, Ernst and Young LLP, and Accenture.

– Alberta shows the highest median salary amongst the provinces (C$56,477), while Manitoba is the lowest (C$45,051), just above Nova Scotia (C$45,642).

– Among major Canadian cities, workers in Toronto report the longest average one-way commute time at 36.5 minutes, Montreal is second with 30.2 minutes and the quickest commute overall is in Edmonton, Alberta at 22.3 minutes.

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