5 Tips on Career-Switching

Career-switching isn’t just for millennials; this week, the blogosphere published a wave of advice on changing jobs that’s appropriate for professionals of any age. Whether you’re looking to travel full-time or just lock down a career in an upwardly moving sector, we’ve got you covered.

  • Consider some form of teaching. Professionals who want more flexibility in their schedules are increasingly offering webinars or ecourses based on their specialties. Work-from-home instructional positions are another option for those who want to teach others yet retain the flexibility to travel.
  • Determine whether you want to be a specialist or generalist. Your job satisfaction ultimately depends on several factors, including your orientation as a generalist or a specialist. When plotting your next career move, consider which you would most prefer — and know that this may change over time.
  • Take a step back. “Your life is teaching you lessons, but most people aren’t listening,” writes Kathy Caprino in Forbes. She recommends that jobseekers and job-switchers make “a deep, critical and fearless evaluation of where you are today — what’s working, what isn’t and what you want most.” Doing so, says Caprino, unlocks the possibilities of finding a fulfilling career path.
  • Reinvent your career. Baby boomers are increasingly heading back to school to either remain competitive with younger workers in the job market or emerge from retirement. Programs such as the Plus 50 initiative at Monroe Community College in New York are specifically targeted at over-50 workers.
  • Indulge your curiosity. The average job tenure in the U.S. is just four years. What’s more, most of today’s employees do jobs that didn’t exist 20 years ago. To stay on top of your career game, Jocelyn K. Glei recommends expanding your knowledge in any way possible: attend conferences, hone in on interests and passions and pick mentors’ brains.

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