CEO Pay in Perspective: Infographic

Nobody thinks being the CEO of a huge company is an easy
job, so it makes sense that these bigwigs get big paychecks for their hard
work. But when you compare the salaries of some CEOs to what their average
workers earn, the difference can be a little mind-boggling. PayScale just published a
newly updated comparison of the salaries of CEOs at the largest companies in
the United States to those of their workers.

The difference in ratios is pretty epic. Wal-Mart
tops the list, with CEO Mike Duke earning 1,034 times what the average Wal-Mart
employee makes. Compare that to Warren Buffet, CEO of Berkshire
, who takes home a paltry $490,000 a year, only nine times the salary
of one of his average employees, or Google
CEO Larry Page, who only takes a salary of $1 per year. (It should be noted
that stock compensation wasn’t figured into our CEO salary data.) These two
companies also have employees that report higher job satisfaction.

So take a look at our infographic to see
which Big Corporate Kahunas are riding high on the highest salary ratios, and
who reports earnings more in tune with their employees. And keep your eyes
peeled for future posts about this subject. In the next week or so, we’ll dig
into the nuances of how we define CEO Salary and highlight CEOs with the best
and worst reputations throughout history.

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