College Choice: An Economist’s View [video]

For many high school students, the idea of choosing a college and a major can be more stressful than finding a date for Homecoming or accidentally wearing a prom dress that highlights armpit sweat. (That last bit is entirely hypothetical and definitely not something that happened to this author in Texas, 1999.) To help you sort through the overwhelming amount of advice you might be receiving — go here! major in this! don't take out too many loans! — PayScale's lead economist, Katie Bardaro, sat down to answer your questions in today's G+ Hangout with PayScale — College Choice: An Economist's View. 

Katie uses her expertise and PayScale’s data to help high school and college students alike navigate the collegiate waters. Her advice in this video might help you: 

  • Maximize your time in college to set you up for success in the future
  • Graduate with minimum student loans
  • Determine the benefits of public school vs. private school
  • Choose the best major for maximum return on your college investment
  • Decide if a master’s degree is the right path for you

To find out what Katie had to say about those topics and many more, be sure to watch the video. Share it on Facebook, and let us know if you or your friends have any questions for Katie. You may see the answers in a future blog post. 

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