Company Muse Gives Jobseekers an Insider View of Office Culture

We all know how the perception of office culture as a job applicant can differ from the reality once hired, and Company Muse is a new job-searching tool from the Daily Muse that hopes to give jobseekers a more accurate perspective of what it's like to work at a chosen company before they initiate the application process. In-depth profiles share photos of employees' workspaces, video interviews with current employees, tidbits and anecdotes on office life, recent company tweets and, of course, open job positions.

"Even after you get a job, many people join companies and discover in the first couple weeks that they aren't a good match with the personality and values of the company," said Daily Muse cofounder Kathryn Minshew in a Fast Company interview. Minshew notes that the Daily Muse sends its own team in to create the profiles, explaining, "What we've found is that companies are so steeped in their own culture and idiosyncrasies that they're not as good as a third party at pulling out the essence of their company."

Company Muse gives jobseekers insider knowledge of a firm's inner workings in a far more visually oriented way than similar services like Glassdoor and Jobitorial. Would you ever use these services to research a company's office culture before you apply?

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(Photo credit: Screenshot/Company Muse)