Could Your Zodiac Sign Determine How Successful Your Career Will Be?

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In any career, there are things both inside and outside of your control that can influence whether or not you will end up successful. For example, there are studies out there that illustrate how your individual personality type can make you a better fit for specific jobs and roles. Some people also have the opinion that age can make you a better candidate for some jobs than others. The bottom line is, things like personality and age are not elements we can easily change about ourselves, but they still impact our careers and the routes we choose to follow.

In that same vein, PayScale wanted to investigate whether or not your astrological sign seems to point to the type of job you will go into, as well as what level of career success you can expect to achieve. And just for fun, we even found out how people really feel about astrology. After surveying over 24,000 workers, here is what we found.

Who Actually Believes in Astrology These Days?

Overall, the majority of workers think astrology is meaningless, but 20 percent believe it can be useful or insightful. On that end, we wanted to see if there were any trends around belief in astrology and educational background. We’ve analyzed responses from workers whose education ranges from GED to MD. We asked workers to tell us whether they believe astrology is absolutely meaningless, entertaining, useful, or if they firmly believe in astrology. Lets take a look to see who is a firm believer, and who thinks it’s absolutely meaningless.

[infogram id=”56ed4a37-346e-4bec-980d-7c76a38859d9″ prefix=”kSd” format=”interactive” title=”Who Believes In Astrology?”]

The Most Common Job Industry for Each Zodiac Sign

For what it’s worth, these are the most common job industries that people with specific zodiac signs tend to work in. For example, Aries in particular has the highest percentage of workers in the farming, fishing and forestry industry, by 21.2 percent. If you’re a firm believer in astrology, you probably know that Aries are known for gravitating toward physical challenges, so maybe it’s not so surprising that they’d end up as park rangers or hydroponic farmers.

[infogram id=”6df2f372-9651-4530-87f3-0d6e4240db39″ prefix=”Bkb” format=”interactive” title=”Common Job Industries by Zodiac Sign”]

Which Zodiac Signs Have the Highest Job Satisfaction?

There is no guarantee that having a specific zodiac sign means that you will be satisfied with your job. But by examining this data set, we can see that some signs like Cancer, Scorpio and Aries tend to have higher job satisfaction than others. We can also see that money doesn’t always buy happiness either, as signs like Virgo and Gemini are the highest earners, but also tend to have lower job satisfaction level than others.

[infogram id=”7c61e6d7-9467-4188-b082-bc7406c7eeac” prefix=”CRu” format=”interactive” title=”Workplace Satisfaction according to Salary and Zodiac Sign”]

Which Zodiac Signs Hate Their Jobs the Most?

According to PayScale data, Scorpios hate their jobs the most followed by Leo and Virgo. Capricorns were the least likely out of all the signs to report that they hate their job. Here is a full breakdown of the signs with the lowest job satisfaction.

[infogram id=”68ba1469-56b3-4201-bbc1-c9bc45e42a4e” prefix=”iYM” format=”interactive” title=”Low Job Satisfaction According to Salary and Zodiac Sign”]

Common Job Titles Based on Your Zodiac Sign

If you’re looking to the stars for career guidance, you might want to take a cue from others who share your zodiac sign. Using PayScale data, we have identified the most common job titles for each zodiac sign.

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