Creative People Are Jerks, Study Finds

A recent study from BI Norwegian Business School found that creative people are also likely to be emotionally volatile and prickly in relationships. But if this describes you, don’t despair. The study also isolated several much more positive signposts of creativity.

Per Jennifer Miller at Fast Company, they were:

1. An active imagination.

Called “associative orientation” in the study, this type of mind is playful, experimental, and easily absorbed in work.

2. Rebellious.

The creative thinkers in the study hungered for originality — not so much with the managerial, non-creative types.

3. Highly motivated.

The study found that creative workers were slightly more energetic than the other group.

4. Flexible.

Oddly for a group of people described as “emotionally volatile,” the creative subjects were better able to adapt to changing circumstances and to see the glass as half full.

If you’re not creative and long to be, it’s not too late, Miller says. The study also showed that environment is a big influence on thinking. So if you want to be more of a free spirit, look for jobs that encourage the more rebellious aspects of your nature.

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