Creatives’ Common Phobias [infographic]

By Marissa Brassfield,

You might think that creative professionals have it easy, but this Column Five infographic reveals some of creatives' common phobias. From Comic Sans to Internet outages, these silly and serious stressors prove that workers in this industry have plenty to worry about.

Some of the phobias creatives have involve their environment. Many creative professionals aren't content with the traditional corporate office filled with cubicles, meetings and overbearing "helicopter" bosses. Accordingly, many choose to freelance, which opens them up to a host of new troubles, such as pricing their services, asking others for payment, and bartering or receiving non-traditional compensation.

Other phobias are less pragmatic but no less pervasive. Some of creatives' top worries also include losing the passion for work, deciding when a project is finished, and friends who ask for free "favors."

Check out the rest of the infographic below. Creatives, would you classify these as some of your top phobias?

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(Photo credit: DesignTaxi/Column Five Media)