Dear Career Women: Our Jobs Are Making Us Ugly

Good news, working women. Not only do we have to worry about whether our jobs are paying us as much as our male counterparts and the possibility that our jobs may be making us fat, but we also have something else to worry about. And this one is crucial and will directly affect our dating lives, our chances of finding a man to marry us, and even our children. Who knew working could be such a damaging part of our lives?

In a new (and somewhat suspect) study by The Daily Mail, it was determined that our jobs are making us ugly. Never mind that you could ask 500 people what ugly is and you’ll get 500 different answers, but at least according to the study, if you work, you probably should just finish your work at your desk wearing a mask so you don’t scare the children.

Paperbag over head

The primary factor used in the study was the stress hormone cortisol. If a woman’s face contained low levels, it was determined that the woman looked healthy and fertile.  Which means, faces that looked stressed out, unhealthy and infertile, were rated lower (in this study) and thus determined…ugly.

We can all agree that a high amount of stress or unhealthiness (which seems a bit broad) in someone’s life isn’t the most attractive, but it is difficult to believe that these factors automatically make a woman less attractive.  After all, how many people do you know who aren’t stressed out and are considered, without a doubt, “healthy” and “fertile”? If this is the case, the entire workforce, except for everyone working at Disneyland, is filled up with ugly people – men and women.

Also, women who stay at home may argue that they encounter or experience just as much stress as women who work outside of the home. It may not be fair to blame our jobs for ugliness, but if it is the reason, we should add this as one more benefit to staying home.

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