Don’t Quite Have it Together? Fake It

You know that coworker who always makes everything seem so easy, like being organized and not wearing her shirt inside out twice in one week? She either has singing cartoon animals helping her get dressed and organize her expense reports, or she has some of these tricks up her sleeve.

Don't Quite Have it Together? Fake It

Most people aren’t quite lucky enough to have it all together, so Levo League created a guide to help us fake it till we make it. Here are some additional small steps you can take right now to help you on your way toward becoming that girl or guy who everyone will envy.

Prepare the Night Before. Always rushing out the door without breakfast? Skipping breakfast has negative consequences, so make your mornings easier by moving some of your routine to the night before. Here are some ideas for tasks you can check-off early: Make an easy to-go breakfast, pack dinner leftovers for lunch, pick out an outfit, pack your bag, and shower before bed. Get a good night’s rest, and start your day off on a positive note.

Look the Part. Even if you’re fashion clueless and tight on money, there are still some tricks for looking good. Ask a sales associate or well-dressed friend to help you create a few outfits from a staple piece you already own. Sign up for the e-mail newsletter at your favorite stores to be notified about upcoming sales. Shop Nordstrom Rack, Ross, and TJ Maxx or secondhand stores for steep discounts on quality clothes. For the ladies, new nail polish strips are faster and cheaper than a manicure.

Hack Your Workouts. Getting up for a 6:00 a.m. run or heading straight to the gym after work isn’t for everyone, but sitting all day is killing you. Here are some ideas for squeezing in some healthy habits: 

Make the Most of Your Paycheck. With PayScale, you’ll never have to fake it. Find out exactly how much you should be paid by taking the PayScale Salary Survey. And don’t squander your money on too many afternoon lattes. Use the free finance tools at to help track your spending, stick to your budget, and meet your savings goals.

No one has it together all of the time, but you can take some small steps to make it easier.

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