Don’t Make These Career Killing Email Mistakes

Sometimes, it seems like email was invented for the sole purpose of driving everyone crazy. Sure, it makes some types of communication easier. And yes, it’s faster than sending a letter and less time-consuming than making a phone call. But it’s also a minefield of potential job-ending errors.

AOL Jobs has a comprehensive, shudder-inducing list of the top six mistakes you don’t want to make. Here are the three that make us wince the most. (Because they’ve happened to friends of ours, of course.)

1. Sending an email to the wrong person. This is the king of all email mistakes, and it has happened to everyone. Don’t believe us? Next time you’re having a post-work beverage with your coworkers, start the sentence, “You know when you send an email to the wrong person…” and prepare to be cut off by groans and forehead slapping. The solution here is to be extra-cautious about that “to” line … and double check absolutely everything before you send it.

2. Forgetting the attachment. Once you’re in a job, this isn’t the most terrible error. But as AOL points out, if you’re applying for work, it can be a big deal. Nothing says “detail-oriented” like forgetting the details. They suggest attaching the document before you compose the email.

3. Having an unprofessional email address. Basically, you want to avoid anything with “sexy” or “kitten” in it when you’re creating an email for business purposes. Unless your business is selling lingerie or raising kittens, in which case, have at it.

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