The Fix Young America Campaign Hopes to Spark a Startup Resurgence

The Fix Young America  campaign hopes to fight youth underemployment and unemployment with a startup resurgence — a renaissance of sorts. The Young Entrepreneur Council is behind the initiative, and has partnered with startup accelerators and investors like MassChallenge, Venture for America and Codecademy to incentivize youth to start their own businesses.

“America has lost its creative edge,” said John Harthorne, the CEO of MassChallenge. “How do we restore it? It’s created by startups. All recent net job growth has been created by companies under five years of age.”

A Fix Young America book is due out in May filled with ideas on how to help youth get ahead in today’s economy through entrepreneurship. Mandatory tech education at public schools, coding lessons for kids and entrepreneurial competitions are just some of these ideas.

Do you think a startup resurgence is just what young Americans need to beat unemployment and underemployment?

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(Video credit: Fix Young America/Mashable)