Gen Y On the Job: Interviews with PayScale

Are Gen Y workers really just pampered Facebook addicts with an entitlement complex? PayScale recently released a comprehensive study about the Internet Generation, taking a look at how Gen Y works, who they are working for, and what motivates them to work harder. We wondered how the work ethic of Gen Y compares to that of older generations. To find out, we took a cue from the tech-savvy Gen Y crowd and had ourselves a debate — G+ style. 

In the first of our Gen Y On the Job: Interviews with PayScale series, we talk to Eric Jr., a 23-year-old college student employed by Best Buy, and his father, Eric Sr., a pilot for Delta Airlines. Father and son discussed salary negotiation, work ethic, job advice, and more. 

Watch the video below and tell us what you think. Are you a Gen Y worker? Or are you from another generation? Share your experiences. What are your views on the generation that has been described as lazy, entitled, and addicted to social media? 


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