Gen Y Demands a Results Only Work Environment (R.O.W.E)

So long 20-person meetings, cubicle farms and regular work schedules. According to Gen Y expert and Millennial Branding founder, Dan Schawbel, the work world is going to transform over the next two decades as Gen Y takes the lead. And just being at your desk by 8 a.m. won’t help you keep your job. Producing results will.

PayScale hosted a G+ Hangout with Schawbel and our own lead economist, Katie Bardaro, to discuss the findings in our recent “Gen Y on the Job” report. Questions for the panel ranged from “How can Gen Y shake its reputation as spoiled and lazy?” and “How can managers get the most out of their Gen Y workers?”

Among the many facts that Schawbel and Bardaro shared, they both emphasized the idea of a results only work environment (R.O.W.E.) working best for Gen Y. Schawbel said, “You’re going to see Millennials force companies to allow them to telecommute or work from home, however the job gets done. I think it goes back to the old term R.O.W.E., results only workplace environment.”

Schawbel credits Best Buy with trying the approach 10 years ago and simply asking workers to get work done. “It doesn’t matter who you are doing it with or where you are doing it, it’s just that it is getting done,” he said.

Bardaro supported Schawbel’s comments stating, “So true. Whether someone comes in to work at 11 and leaves at 7, it doesn’t matter. What they’re doing is bringing results. That's what matters.”

Schawbel added this bit of encouragement for young workers: “I call it ROI nation, now. As long as you can prove results you’ll have a good career.”

Watch the Hangout and hear more about Gen Y in the workplace.

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