Google Glass: 5 Etiquette Tips

Get ready. Soon, the normal sea of faces that pass you by on your morning commute to the office will look a little less human, and a lot more cyborg.

Google Glass, the super high-tech specs that combine computer, smartphone and camera capabilities, is already invading the streets and offices of larger cities such as New York and San Francisco, and will be available to the rest of us in 2014. 

Just as texting on mobile phones has replaced conversation at dinner tables across the globe, this futuristic eyewear could hinder our real-life social interactions even more – but we don’t have to let it.  

Google Glass

You don’t want to be a Glasshole, do you? We’ve compiled five of the best guidelines for Google Glass etiquette that will keep your geeky side well-fed, without having to pass on politeness.

1. Be Aware That There’s a Camera Attached to Your Head
Unfortunately, there isn’t a way for others to know whether or not your Google Glass camera is rolling. Just know that friends and colleagues alike could feel rather uncomfortable while you’re wearing your shiny new toy – at first. So, if the girl you’re newly dating asks if your camera is on while you’re talking to her, or even if you’re hanging out with close friends and family (and, really, you shouldn’t be snapping pics or video without anyone’s consent, anyway), remember that there’s a camera attached to your face, and this isn’t … normal (yet). Don’t get huffy about people asking you valid questions about the camera, because they have a right to not be photographed. Simply put: be courteous to others who cross your path while you’re wearing Google Glass, and acknowledge all questions and concerns.

2. Consider That You Could Come Across as Creepy
If looking at images of these guys doesn’t convince you that creepiness can abound when wearing Google Glass, you probably shouldn’t be wearing them in public. Ever. So, if you really want to make the purchase, and plan on using your Glass a great deal, make sure you photograph and share items that you wouldn’t mind mom seeing. It should also go without saying that you need to leave Glass out of the bathroom, gyms and other public spots where people are exposed. Don’t just run up to the next pretty girl, or cute guy you see shouting, “Check out my Google Glass!” You’ll more than likely turn them off of this revolutionary new product – and you.  

3. Don’t Be Selfish. Seriously.
Once you start wearing Google Glass, it is going to pique the curiosity of everyone around you. That said, if a friend or acquaintance asks to try on your pair, let them. Yes, we know it’s a new toy and all, but sharing is caring; about the growth of the product, and the people you come in contact with. Chances are, you’ll get tired of everyone asking to test out your high-tech specs, but just imagine a world where more people get on board with the idea, and buy their own. Human beings are typically scared of the unknown, and the only way to get Google Glass accepted by all is to simply let them try it out.

4. Know Your Limitations
You already know that it’s a temptation to reach for your smartphone to check email, surf the web, play games and post on social media networks when you’re idle. Just imagine how much more tempting it will be to do these things once you get your hands (and eyes) on a pair of Google Glass. But, we all must set limits for our gadget use in order to live productive, happier lives. Make a conscious effort to not miss out on the beautiful interactions and exciting things happening all around you. Put down your Glass for a while, and watch your relationships strengthen as you enjoy being a normal, functioning human being in a more natural state.

5. When in Doubt, Just Use Common Sense
Nobody wants to be that annoying guy who loudly jabbers on his Bluetooth while in line at the coffee shop, post office or bank. Though Google Glass may look a bit cooler, if you’re continuously having loud conversations in quieter, public places, you’ll totally be that guy (or gal). Ew. And whatever you do, don’t take your Glass into a museum, movie theater or anywhere else that filming and photography is prohibited. Also, most work meetings contain confidential information and need your undivided attention, so leave your Glass at your desk – or at home if you can bear to break away from your newfound love for that long.

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