Measure Your Personal Productivity Quotient With David Allen’s GTD-Q Test

The GTD-Q test offered by productivity expert David Allen will determine, in two minutes or less, whether you're an Implementer/Micro Manager, Responder/Victim, Visionary/Crazy Maker or Captain and Commander/Autocrat. The quiz measures your personal productivity level as it stands today and determines how effective you are at control and perspective, two essential facets of self-management.

The questions on the GTD-Q test are fairly straightforward. You’ll indicate the level to which you agree or disagree with statements like, “I am living the life that I want,” “I have clear, well-defined goals,” “My email is under control and well managed,” and “I’m working harder and falling further behind.” Since the quiz is on David Allen’s website, there’s a fair bit of plugging for GTD-focused tools like seminars, coaching, newsletters and books, but the test is free to take.

Yours truly took the GTD-Q and got Perspective and Control scores of 4 in the Captain and Commander/Autocrat quadrant. The results page indicates that my work habits give me effectiveness and efficiency, but that I may be vulnerable to a sense of complacency. Did you take the GTD-Q test? How did you fare?

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(Photo credit: Thomas van de Weerd/Flickr)