Half of Americans Admit to Going to Work Hungover

For most of us, mornings on weekdays come early — early enough that even going to bed at a reasonable hour can mean a slow start and a groggy morning. That said, it can be easy to stay up past bedtimes for just one more glass of wine at a Thursday night happy hour, which means an even more groggy and hungover Friday morning at the office.

(Photo Credit: Faisal Akram/Flickr)

If this sounds like something you’ve done, you aren’t alone. According to an article in MashableBlowfish, a company that makes tablets for treating hangovers, found that about 50 percent of working Americans admitted to going into work hungover. The data, which surveyed over 3,000 employees over 21, also found that gender didn’t seem to play a role in who was going into work hungover; 52 percent of women surveyed had shown up hungover. 

Waiters are the most likely employees to show up to work hungover, followed by realtors, salespeople, police officers, and chefs. (If that doesn’t make you feel safe and secure, we don’t know what will.)

Of course, showing up to work with a hangover is definitely going to hamper your ability to be productive. In fact, Blowfish found that 28 percent of people said they’ve been late to work because of a hangover. About 7 percent have admitted that their hangover affected their performance on the job — a number that seems surprisingly low.

If you’re among the 50 percent, consider cutting back the number of drinks you have at your next gathering, to reduce the impact it has on your job. You might be surprised how much more you get done, and enjoy your employment, if you can rise and shine with a clear head. 

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