Have Social Media and Smartphones Made Downtime Obsolete? [infographic]

This infographic featuring research from Forbes and Gyro indicates that downtime may be obsolete, and it's mostly due to social media and smartphones. Of the 543 business executives surveyed, 98 percent admitted checking work email outside of office hours, and only 3 percent said that they avoid sending or receiving work emails while on vacation.

The war on downtime isn't just seen during vacations, however: 53 percent of respondents said that they have stepped away from the dinner table to handle a business matter, and 63 percent reported checking their work email every hour or two on nights and weekends. If there's any consolation, it's that 98 percent of those polled also take care of personal matters at the office.

Social media and smartphones may have made downtime obsolete, but this shift has also enabled some positive outcomes as far as work stress goes. Seventy-three percent reported that their decision-making faculties are better in this environment than before because they have more time to think and arrive at the best solution. Check out the full infographic below — are you surprised by any of its insights?

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