High-Paying Jobs Have the Biggest Gender Pay Gap

Want to earn the same wages as your male colleagues? Stick to low-paying gigs.

The gender pay gap gets wider as salaries increase, according to a recent study by NerdScholar, based on data from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“Overall, the 10 jobs with the worst pay equity had an average annual salary of $71,976. The 10 jobs with the most equal pay, on the other hand, paid an average of $43,293,” writes Kathy Kristof at CBS News Moneywatch.

The ten worst jobs for equal pay included such titles as CEO, real estate broker, and personal finance advisor. The ten best jobs included gigs like stock clerk, receptionist, and order filer. At the bottom of the income ladder, women’s pay was higher than men’s for certain jobs (e.g., $26,052 per year for female stock clerks and orders filer as opposed to $25,376 per year for men).

The answer, of course, probably isn’t for women to stop setting their sights on the chief executive’s office and retreat happily to administrative positions. For one thing, it’s bad financial sense: Kristof points out that five of the ten most equal paid jobs had salaries of under $35,000 a year.

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