How to Design Your Business Card with Psychology in Mind [infographic]

Designing a business card is usually a matter of choosing colors and the right card stock that best represents your business. However, the infographic below states otherwise. It turns out that everything from the amount of white space you leave to your font style all have a major impact on how people view your business card.

The folks over at UPrinting designed the infographic to prove to clients just how important factors like colors and typography are when piecing together the little card that will help represent your business in the public realm.

“When designing a business card, the aesthetic choices you make do more than beautify the card,” reads the infographic. “Things like spacing and color can attract positive attention to your brand, which is a great first step in generating leads.”?

To learn more about designing the right business card, check out the infographic below.

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(Photo credit: UPrinting Blog)