How to Spot Overworked Employees [infographic]

Job-related stress and burnout can torpedo team productivity and engagement, so it's essential that managers know how to spot overworked employees. The top reason for employee dissatisfaction is work stress, according to Gallup research, and recognizing the warning signs of burnout or rust-out can spell the difference between retaining an employee's effectiveness or pushing him to his emotional brink.

What are some of these warning signs? Irritability, fatigue, increased sickness, lower work quality, ineffective time management or a change in working hours. If your employees are missing work days due to illness, take heed of these statistics: Over half of employees have taken a sick day when they weren't actually sick. Of those workers, 62 percent blamed work stress as their reason for missing work.

Some jobs are inherently stressful, but even low-stress jobs can make employees feel overworked if a few needs aren't met. For starters, 14 percent of 1,000 surveyed Americans reported low pay as a source of stress; another 11 percent cited their commute. Working parents are also likely to be stressed out: 74 percent of dads and 86 percent of moms report feeling overworked.

Check out the full infographic below. Do you exhibit these symptoms when you're feeling overworked?

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