Interns at Facebook Make $74,000 a Year

It's nice to know that someone is making money off of Facebook. Shares might be plummeting, but it's still a pretty lucrative gig for the people who work there, and it's not just Mark Zuckerberg and other high-ranking folks who are pulling down the cash. did a little, well, digging, and discovered that Facebookers (Facebookians? Facebookateers?) are doing pretty well for themselves. At least ten different job roles made $100,000 a year or greater. Even the interns were doing pretty well: Because Facebook wants to attract top talent, software engineering interns command an average of $74,000 a year.

Other high-earning gigs at the social networking giant include:


  • Senior Software Engineers: The highest paid job title at Facebook, people with this job make $132,503 annually. This is pretty typical. Google also shows its senior engineers the most financial love, of all its employees, according to Digg.



  • Product Managers: No. 2 on the list of highest paid folks, product managers make $130,143 a year. These are the people who coordinate with different departments to make sure that timeline arrives on schedule to confuse your friends and dredge up embarrassing photos you'd forgotten you'd posted way back in 2009.



  • Research Scientists, Engineering Managers, and Machine Learning Engineers: These three roles are tied for third, and earn $123,000 a year.


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    (Photo Credit: stoneysteiner/Flickr)