Is Your Boss Killing You? [infographic]

We know the health dangers of stress at work, and this infographic explores the many ways in which your boss might be killing you slowly. Employees spend, on average, 13 hours each workweek and another 6.2 hours each weekend fretting over their boss. That stress manifests itself in a variety of ways, none of which are conducive to good health or productivity.

Mean managers cause 77 percent of employees to suffer physical stress symptoms, while another 73 percent exhibit psychological stress symptoms. Stressed-out employees rack up $600 more apiece on health care costs than happier employees. A Swedish study even found ties between inconsiderate bosses and a rise in employee heart trauma.

What characteristics do poor leaders all possess? It turns out that bad bosses have some of the same traits as toddlers: They're self-oriented, stubborn, demanding, impulsive and interruptive. Check out the full infographic below — have you ever worked under an ineffective leader?

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(Photo credit: Keas)