Executive-Level Temps? Kayak and HubSpot Switch CTOs for a Day

Yesterday, Dharmesh Shah and Paul English, the founders and chief technology officers of HubSpot and Kayak, respectively, switched roles for a day in the name of innovation. Each man reported to work at the other's office, offering an outside perspective and, in the process, gain valuable insights for his own company.

Walter Frick interviewed Shah for BostInno to see how the day went, and from Shah's responses, it sounds like things went swimmingly.

"The coolest part of the thing (for me) was getting to spend time talking to really smart people that are in a different industry," he wrote in an email. "And, I get to ask really simple questions." It's this last bit that is perhaps the most valuable — most companies hire consultants or fresh faces to provide this very service.

How did Shah spend his day? Just as English would — in meetings and corresponding with customers and clients. "Had a bunch of meetings set up with various folks on the Kayak team," he explained. "The rest of the time, I've been reading/responding to Kayak email and letting people walk up and chat."

Kayak and HubSpot chronicled the process on Twitter using the hashtag #CTOforaday. Do you think their experience will generate new ideas at both companies?

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(Photo credit: HubSpot/Facebook)