Learn How To Get More Retweets [infographic]

You can tweet away all day and all night, but if nobody takes notice, then you might as well be talking to an empty auditorium. Find out how to get your tweets the attention they deserve with this QuickSprout infographic.

There is a special art to getting a retweet. Retweeting etiquette says you should leave room for RT @username, give credit and retain as much of the original tweet as possible. You’ll also want to use less characters (71 to 100) in order to leave room for additional commentary in that retweet.

So where do URLs fall into the retweeting world? Some 28.4 percent of tweets contain a URL, while 21.4 percent of retweets also contain a URL. According to this infographic, the key takeaway is that you’ll want to tweet links. As for the No. 1 time to get a response, tweet between noon and 2 p.m.

Check out the infographic below for more revelations on how to get more retweets.

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(Photo credit: Business 2 Community)