Before Making a Drastic Career Change, Try a LifeSwap

If you’ve ever pondered ditching your finance career for that of, say, a social worker, a startup called LifeSwap aims to help you experience that career change without turning in your two-week notice. LifeSwap lets users follow a chosen professional for a few hours a day — think of it as a short-term unpaid internship of sorts.

“There are 18-year-olds who benefit from these experiences, but there are also 45-year-old lawyers who want to know what it’s like to be a teacher,” explained co-founder Bastiaan Janmaat to Fast Company. The site’s users include yoga teachers, bakers, startup founders, glass blowers, DJs, photographers, organic farmers and even ministers.

The LifeSwap website is free to use for both Hosts and Explorers. Currently, it’s limited to users in the Bay Area, but LifeSwap’s founders are expanding to other parts of the U.S. in the next year. What career do you often wish you’d pursued instead of your current one?

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(Photo credit: jamjar/Flickr)