Lunch Hour Clubbing: Your Answer to the Lunchtime Blahs

Although many of us find lunchtime to be the best part of our workdays, we do have to admit that no matter how exciting the apple is that you have packed, it can end up being a disappointingly drab hour. If you’ve found yourself spending lunchtime at your desk, you may want to consider the newest trend in lunchtime entertainment.

Lunch hour clubbing. That’s right. You no longer have to wait until the office Christmas party to see Bill from Finance do the Sprinkler. In multiple metro areas of the globe, including New York City, Boston, Montreal, Seattle and Vienna, lunchtime has become less of a drive-thru experience and more of a dance party.

Started last year by Lunch Beat in Sweden, the trend to spend the lunch hour dancing in the club has spread to multiple cities and may thus far, be the hippest answer to “So, where are you going for lunch?” Instead of sitting at their desks during lunch, white collar workers are visiting parties thrown by organizers such as Flavorpill, in New York City. Flavorpill offers DJ-spun hip hop and electronic music on Fridays from 1-2 PM, along with a vodka and fruit punch cocktail, and a PB&J sandwich and apple sack lunch on your way out.  Many popular nightclubs in NYC, such as Marquee and The Standard’s Le Bain, offer the lunchtime event which sometimes also includes glow sticks and wayfarers that can be worn for the hour.


According to Megan Willett of Business Insider, the only real differences between lunchtime clubbing and regular 2 AM clubbing, are that “no one’s drunk, everyone’s wearing their work clothes, and you will be back at your desk in an hour.” Well, most employers hope anyway. It certainly can’t be productive if your staff comes back from lunch hammered, with the sleeves ripped off of their oxfords. Not to mention that it’s possible to lose track of time whilst one is shaking one’s rump for an hour.

However, not taking a lunch break has been known to be counterproductive and energy draining, which can lead to higher stress levels and poor health. It seems that lunchtime clubbing may be a solution to fighting fatigue and may also provide the mental (and physical) boost needed to get through the day.   

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