If Women Get More Pay Raises Than Men, Why Do Men Make More Money? [infographic]

Will the battle of the sexes ever reach a peaceful resolution? If recent studies are to be believed, it doesn’t look likely to even out anytime soon. Even as we approach the year 2013, women and men are still being treated differently in the workplace when it comes to take-home pay.

TribeHR conducted a study among 20,000 employees at 2,200 companies to determine how pay raises were being given between men and women. The good news, if you’re a woman? During Q1 and Q3 of 2012, 7.9 percent of women received raises, while only 6.2 percent of men did. Now, the good news if you’re a man? Of those who did receive a raise, men were three times more likely to garner a rise of 25 percent or more.

So what helps determine the likelihood of receiving a pay raise? It could be as simple as recognition from peers. The study suggests that 85 percent of kudos were given peer-to-peer, with only 15 percent being given from managers. Yet another reason to forge solid professional relationships with coworkers.

Check out the infographic below for more revelations on women, men and pay raises.

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