Millennial Women Fight Back Against Unemployment Rates by Starting Businesses

The job market has been notoriously bad for workers of all ages, but it’s been especially rough for Generation Y: some 50 percent of new grads are underemployed or unemployed. Millennial women are increasingly fighting back against this phenomenon by taking an entrepreneurial career path. MSNBC profiled the founders of LearnVest, Foodspotting and Paperless Post — all of whom happen to be millennial females with the first name Alexa — for an inspiring “Today” show segment, which appears below.

In its report, MSNBC revealed that 54 percent of millennials want to start their own businesses rather than take on traditional jobs with other companies. Industry analysts are even beginning to credit millennials with job creation, which means that the very generation that’s been beat up worst by the economy could actually help strengthen it.

In addition to job creation, millennial women who start their own businesses are boosting the number of visible female role models at companies. We’ve already reported that 66 percent of Gen Y females have same-sex role models at their company and that 65 percent believe that women are equal to men in a business environment. As more millennials launch successful ventures, these benefits will only increase.

Millennial women, we’d love to hear from you. Do you have your own company? If not, have you ever considered starting one?

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